What does it mean to be a “good Christian wife” in the advent of an increasingly widespread cuckolding craze?

When I hear the phrase “good Christian wife,” I think of a conservative, “normal” looking, mature woman. Pure and pious, she adheres to the marital vows she made to God you, her husband. The antithesis of “sexual deviant,” she is a devoted spouse and mother. Her desires and drives remain chastely within church-sanctioned, sacred covenant-keeping guidelines. And her sexuality exists only in proximity to her husband’s, of course. Sexually, she is subordinate. A “good Christian wife” would not only NEVER do something as taboo as cuckolding her husband with a BBC — she wouldn’t even think it. But what if he asked her to?

Your straight-laced, prim and proper white wife is so beautiful. But lately, all you can think about is how much more beautiful she would look with a big black dick deep down her throat. “Obsessive” would be an understatement for your thoughts. They’re all of dark-skinned, strange men with massive cocks taking your good Christian wife and turning her into their white whore.

Sitting beside her in church on Sundays is almost unbearable. When she opens her mouth to sing, you pray to one day see a hot, creamy, virile young load oozing out of it.

You can’t help but spend the entire service every week asking God for forgiveness — and for her to cuckold you.

Next week is your anniversary dinner date. You’ve resolved to bring it up to her. She is your wife, after all. Obeying God means obeying you. And besides, you can’t take not telling her any longer. She opens the gift you’ve bought her — jewelry, of course — with wide-eyed excitement. But when you bring up the real surprise, the gift you want her to give you, she gasps out loud. She’s so shocked. Well, you didn’t expect her to be immediately on board. But eventually, she’ll come around. You’re going to start slowly, helping spark her desire until it’s as all-consuming as yours.

What a relief to confess your hidden masturbation fodder! Good Christian couples don’t have secrets. Your cuckold phone sex calls become a little less discreet. And you start leaving browsers with interracial cuckolding porn up in the study for her to find. At first, you can tell she doesn’t look at them. But as the weeks go by, you notice her dilly-dallying. And one day, the “History” tab reveals she didn’t just watch what you’d curated: she went deeper into the BBC Cuckold hotwife X-rated hole. Your cock is immediately hard as you realize it was her watching the videos this time.

What a quandary you’ve created for your good Christian wife. Is cuckolding you “sinning” if you’ve asked her to do so?

Cuckolding is definitely a sin. “Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery.” Pretty cut and dry. But hey, contradictory ideologies make the world go round — and they’re about to turn your traditional, vanilla marital bed topsy turvy. Your wife is ready to embrace the paradox. She loves you. And she wants to satisfy you completely. Why not enjoy some new satisfaction herself, too? Soon she starts leaving her phone out, glowing with black gigolo’s websites.

One evening you come home to an empty house and a note that reads:

Hello dear,

I can’t keep pretending your small white cock satisfies me. You were right, I was meant to enjoy black men and their superior cocks. Last month I started sleeping with my boss, the younger black man you feel intimidated by at company Christmas parties. That’s why I’ve really been staying late at the office and going in early. I’m sorry for not telling you sooner, sweetie. You’re not angry with me, are you? I just wanted you to be happy — but now I realized how happy being his white whore makes me.

Tonight I’ll be staying with him because he’s throwing me a special party. He’s inviting 5 of his black male friends to celebrate my newfound sense of purpose: serving black cock and him, my black master. I’ll be home late, please don’t wait up. I can’t wait to tell you all about my night while you clean out my cum-filled, stretched out pussy. I love you, honey!

xoxo, your good Christian wife

Ready to hear my serial cheater confessions? Good. Once upon a time, I was a confirmed Catholic, but now? I’m definitely your new cuckold hotwife!

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