Ok, so cuckolding definitely has its moments as far as the fun of “getting it from someone else.” That’s a certain kind of infidelity, though. The humiliated spouse is in on the joke even (and especially) if he is the joke . . . but cheating is a whole other slutting around ballgame!

Personally, I think cheating has a pretty much ENDLESS smorgasbord of appeal, motive-wise. Do you think I’m heartless? Maybe. But think about the excitement of keeping a secret. Everyone wants to know secrets — people who say they don’t or don’t care are full of shit. Liars. What better way to know a secret than to create one, right? It takes (at least) two to cheat. I think the inherent accomplice-ness of cheating turns me on, too. Forbidden lust, breaking sacred vows . . . count me the fuck in!

I love knowing a caller is calling me when his wife or girlfriend isn’t there. Picturing him counting down the seconds until he can dash over to the phone, his cock already getting hard, already throbbing for me makes me hot. Real fucking hot . . . and it gets my pussy dripping right away, too!

I really love it when I know my unfaithful, un-sanctimonious bad boy is calling me while his ball and chain is ALSO wherever he is, maybe even just one room and a few creaky floorboards away. There’s something I find deeply arousing about the threat of getting caught. Sometimes I think I could probably cum just from knowing that someone (especially one of my callers) is risking “it” because their carnal lust is SO all-consuming they need to fuck me instead ’cause it turns me on so much . . .

Are you a serial cheater, too? Cum sneak away to jerk it for me instead.

I won’t tell if you don’t, k? Your serial cheater confessions will be our little secret . . . phone slut’s honor!!

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