My boyfriend got a crazy idea after seeing some porn that turned him on and he wondered if I might be game to try. I asked what kind of porn he’d been watching, and was a bit surprised when he said he’d seen some golden shower porn. I laughed and asked if this meant he wanted me to pee on him and he said he’d been thinking about asking me since he saw it. Golden Showers?


I’d tried golden showers once years ago with another boyfriend and it was ok, but a bit over the top for me, but I thought I’d try it again and see if it went any better this time. He said he wanted us both to try and get really full bladders as we got turned on and then move the action to the shower. So we had a few drinks and had some porn on and were getting a bit worked up watching all the people fuck and cum and I could feel myself getting full. I’d masturbated before while I had a full bladder and it had been a fantastic orgasm, so I was willing to try it again and see how this compared.


He also was full, so we went tot he shower and turned on the hot water and started kissing and touching each other and then I got on my knees and started to give him head. Sucking his cock and massaging his balls, swirling my tongue around the head of his dick as the hot, steamy water cascaded over me. I was getting his cock all sloppy and wet and all of a sudden I felt a hot blast of liquid in my mouth, and it wasn’t cum. I pulled his cock out and a golden stream splashed all over my tits and down my stomach before swirling with the water and going down the drain. He pissed all over me and it was a different sensation than the water coming down from the shower.

After he drained his bladder on me, I resumed the blow job and it wasn’t long until he came in my mouth. At this point I was nearly bursting with having to go pee and he got on his back on the bathtub as the shower continued to rain down on us, and he told me to straddle his face, which I eagerly did. He then opened my pussy lips and starting lapping at my clit, fuck, it felt even better than usual, having my bladder s full this way, the pressure from the inside as he did this was exquisite! My clit has stiff and I fucked his face, rising his tongue and as I started to get closer to orgasm, I could feel little dribbles coming out in spurts as my excitement overcame me. He started intensely sucking on my clit and that was it, I came with a huge gush of pee all over his mouth and face and he gulped it down and then once I was totally empty made me cum again. It was a couple of very good orgasms for the both of us! Not sure how often we will indulge in this, but we both had a good time for sure.

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