Most girls don’t remember how they lost their anal virginity, but I do!

I was always told growing up in a religious home that good girls don’t have sex until they are married. Christian girls don’t let boys near their pussy unless that finger has a wedding ring on it that matches hers.  And for a while I was a good christian girl (can you believe it?) I held strong to my beliefs that my slit was reserved only for my husband.

But then puberty happened. And my christian ideals were at war with RAGING, POUNDING hormones. I had the typical angel on one shoulder and devil on the other. The angel kept telling me that it didn’t matter how turned on I was, NO INTERCOURSE! Good girls just didn’t do that! And if I gave up my cherry that I’d go straight to hell! But that devil on my other shoulder told me to go and do what I wanted.

My body NEEDED to be touched.

I remember writhing on my bed, drenched in sweat, trying hard not to moan out loud with the force of how fucking horny I was! And that horny devil whispered in my ear all the dirty ways I could relieve the pressure building up inside me! But for every time he told me to go get my snatch split, that prude fucking angel admonished me and threatened me with the fiery forever.

Finally I realized that in all of this, God had given me a loophole. My asshole! I could slide a stiff fuckstick in between my blushing cheeks and get off and still have my place in heaven. So I called my boyfriend and told him to come study with me. When he got there he was shocked when I pushed him against the wall and grabbed his cock. He sputtered that he thought I wanted to wait till marriage. I whispered back in his ear raggedly “I’m horny, so fuck my ass because I love Jesus!!!” And that my kinky crowd is how religion helped me loose my anal virginity! Very soon after that I said to hell with being a good christian girl and started shoving hot hard shafts in every hole I have. Aren’t you pervs glad???

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