Adventures as a glory hole slave.

Glory hole slave fun. Fuck, I didn’t think I’d enjoy it so much! Now, this is all a part of the massive adventure I had as an online sex slave. Let’s face it… I’ve always been a freak. College turned me into the naughtiest girl in the dorms. The thing is, that’s when it spiraled out of control. And honestly, I loved every moment of it. When I first enrolled in college and went to move into the dorms, I met Lizzie. I’ve told plenty of stories about Lizzie before. She was a pretty little blue-eyed blonde who loved partying every night of the week if she could. The best part was that she loved taking me with her, too. The girl loved her bi-adventures.

When I started going out with her every night, she also introduced me to a world of chaos. I’d already been slutting it up online and showing off for strangers. I loved to use sites like Omegle and Chatroulette. Some of you boys know exactly what I’m talking about now, too. I loved to watch men jerk off for me, and I’d lay back and play with myself almost nightly for them. This turned into a little half-relationship. I call it that because we weren’t exactly dating, but it was definitely a sexual relationship. I met an online ‘master’ and let him take control of me.

He knew how to control me.

I’m a masochist; I love pain. I loved it when he told me to use dildos that felt a little too big. He loved to say to me to use the nipple clamps, also. Now, the mischief all took a step up when I introduced him to Lizzie. He loved Lizzie and turned her into an ‘enforcer’ for him. He made her be the one to fuck me with the toys, and he played with her equally, too. But one night, he cracked a crazy little idea. He wanted both of us to go to a glory hole downtown. Marcus – my master – had spent hours looking up my city to see which spot would be the most fun for our glory hole slave adventures. He settled on one in the heart of downtown, in the back of an adult lingerie and video store.

He told us to dress up sexy, too. After all that, he wanted the night to go perfect for us, and he wanted Lizzie to live stream it all to him. So, he picked every part of our outfits meticulously. Black stiletto heels, thigh highs and garters, and the tiniest red thong you’ll ever find. He dressed Lizzie up as my exact counterpart, with red thigh-highs and a black thong. Once we were all dolled up, we hid our sexy attire under little black dresses, just long enough to hide the top of the thigh highs.

We walked into the back of the store.

The attendants watched us like a hawk, but they knew we were up to something. As soon as we stepped into the back area of the store, they let us be. Everyone knew that we came to fuck all night. So as soon as we closed the door behind us, Lizzie grabbed her phone to start the live stream. Marcus watched from the other end as he saw his glory hole slave dreams come to life. I bent over in front of the designated hole in the side of the wall. It was recently cleaned and still smelled of citrus. The other side of the hole was dark, but it lit up as soon as I bent over in front of it. That’s when I felt something rub up against me, plucking at the thong to pull it to the size.

Before I could even acknowledge how big it was, a bulging cock rammed me from behind. The cock rammed me so hard that I had to grab the cushioned seat in front of me to brace myself. I couldn’t help but cry out, my moans filling the room as the first man of the night fucked me beyond comprehension. He was certainly not the last. One after the other, they punished my little pussy for all the teasing I’d been doing. My master watched from Lizzie’s camera, smug as ever, as he saw me slowly descend into bliss. I was utterly lost to the world. I became a glory hole slave to whoever was on the other end of the wall. A slave to my own pussy, which came and came, squirting time and time again by the end of the night.

He jerked off all night.

He watched me and enjoyed himself. While I got the pounding of my life, railed by several men all night long, he got to sit back and enjoy his hot phone sex session with the two of us.

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