I Didn’t Even Know What A Glory Hole Was

When I was in school, I could never get enough money. My folks weren’t well off, tuition was a real hardship for me. I had seen this ad online for an adult book store needing help. I knew my parents would never approve, so I told them I got a part-time receptionist job. That they were fine with. I went to the book store and lied about my age on the application. They took me for my word and hired me. It was ok, the clients were pretty weird and it was entertaining to see these characters come and go. There were these glory holes in the back. I didn’t even know what a glory hole was until one of the girls explained it to me.

And I Felt So Dirty, Like Such A Slut

It seemed strange to me, but I was curious about it all. One day this really good looking guy came in and went to the back. I knew that meant he was headed for the glory hole area. The front was dead, they didn’t need me up there, so I wandered to the back. I had seen what booth he went into and I went into the one next to his. And I felt so dirty, like such a slut, but I wanted to suck his cock. I knelt down and there was his dick coming through a hole in the wall. It was begging to be sucked. I couldn’t resist.

I Had A Strangers Dick In My Mouth

First I slobbered all over his cock and couldn’t get enough. I think something about being anonymous makes you freer to be dirty. The whole time I could feel my pussy becoming wet. Then I reached down and slipped my hand into my jeans and into my panties. I was sopping wet. I started to finger my clit and buck against my hand. All while I had a stranger’s dick in my mouth. He was throbbing, dripping, and I was licking it up, enjoying every moment of it. I could hear him moan lightly. He didn’t know if it was a man or a woman sucking him off, likely a man. If only he knew it was an underaged teenage girl sucking him off.

By the end of the day, I was one cum covered whore.

I soon took his load down my throat and it had made me even hornier. He left, and another cock soon came through the wall towards my face. I took it in my mouth and sucked and slurped away on this cock, and the next, and the next after that. And  I don’t even know how many guys I sucked off that afternoon. I was just young and experimenting and knew I wasn’t likely to do something so crazy and reckless as this. I was covered in cum by the end of the day.

When I finally stumbled out, my co-worker saw me and said she wondered if I’d left. I’d been back there for hours. She took one look at me and knew what I’d been up to. Or rather down to. I went and cleaned myself up, and then drove home, with many new and debauched memories of the glory hole. I enjoy kinky sex stories. Call Dana for taboo phone sex

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