What doesn’t kill you – only makes you stronger.   In this case, your weakness will be the death of you. The perfect ass is every man’s weakness.  So perfect it fits in the palm of your hand – from top to bottom.  You know you want it – “butt”  — I won’t let you have it.  Tease and denial – It’s true what they say “you always want what you can’t have.”   You spend most of your time admiring my perfect ass.  It’s ok – I won’t judge you for wanting to worship, lick, taste my sweet young ass. Your wife and girlfriend tease you the same way.   Allowing every other man to have their ass, just not you.  I understand you can’t help yourself  – I want you to stare. I love men who admire and worship my greatest “ASS-et.”  I’m a feast for sore eyes.  The epic display of perfection.  Are you ready to jerk yourself off, while worshiping my perfect sweetheart ass?   Maybe a little CEI or JOI?   Give it to your weakness – touching and stroking – feeling the cum fill your cock.  Hold – hold – hold.  There’s a lesson here to be learned.

You now fall weak to my beauty and need to jerk your pathetic cock.  Over the years, I  have learned to use what God gave me as an “ASS-et.”  Daddy never stopped trying to get his hands on me.  You know the saying “Incest is Best – Now Put Daddy to the Test.”   Daddy would almost lose his mind, listening to my brother and his friends fucking me.  Daddy had no problem being my good little cum lapper. Kinky cuckold phone sex?  I love testing and teasing men of all ages. Anywhere – All the time. Ready to explore my naughty erotic “TAILS” of horny men who enter my back door and never escaped?  Let’s explore ass worshiping phone sex – wiggle wiggle – bend bend –  my ass will lure you in, as my voice keeps your cock throbbing for more.  I’m all your brain craves and desires.

You’ve entered my fortress  – you can’t help yourself.  I’ve got you under my spell, as you jerk your dick faster.  <wicked lil laugh>  No need to rush.  I’m gonna push you over the edge.  Edging and teasing! The perfect combination, as I fill your head with a sizzling description.  The thought of another man fucking and filling my tight little holes. Will drive you insane.   Especially as you imagine it’s your wife or girlfriend.  Your cock twitch with anticipation and you won’t be able to control yourself.  Listening to the in-depth details of your wife’s or girlfriend’s BBC, cuckold, cream pie adventure.  The description will flow effortlessly from my lips.  Your breathing will intensify,  as you imagine yourself standing alone in the doorway – afraid of what you might see.  Hearing the sounds of pleasure, as they echo through the house.   Slowly, you pull your cock out, as you inch your way to the bedroom.  You can’t believe your eyes.   Your weakness takes over, as you get a glimpse of the man fucking her. Like a magnet you are drawn in – you can’t look away.  Like a starving bastard child, you seek approval and want more.  Your tongue finds its way between her wet ass and lover’s cock. Hungry for more details?  I’m ready to make you my cum lapping little toy. Call me – you know you can’t help yourself.  You’ve made it this far – now let me help you cum the rest of the way.

Nasty121Talk to You Soon
Kiss Kiss