I can still remember the huge crush I had on my cousin. He was part of a rock band, just slightly famous kind of like a neighborhood fame.
I always thought he was so sexy. He had super long hair and the biggest brown eyes, and had the sexiest body on a 19-year-old I’ve ever seen.
There were plenty of times where I stood at his house during the summer vacations. He was always really sweet to me and treated me as if I were his little sister.
I tried really hard to get his attention. I would sit on his lap every chance I could, cuddle up to him when he was alone watching TV. Every chance I got I would wear skimpy little panties and T-shirts around him trying to get him to notice me. Of course I was only 10 to 12 years of age when I started trying to tease him.
But there was this one summer when my little titties had started to grow. They cute and perky and round but were still puffy and you could tell that they were going to be even bigger.
My sweet little ass was still really tight but had gotten shapely curves all in the right places and I had much more confidence I was glad to see that my cousin was finally showing signs that he thought I was attractive.
In some of his band members were starting to take notice of me and I didn’t miss a second I flirted with each and every one of them LOL.
I would wear the tightest booty shorts I could find around them, and teeny little tank tops without a bra so that my sexy nipples were visible.
One day I finally got the nerve to tell my cousin that I had a crush on him. We were all alone at home that day and I cuddled up next to him to watch TV . I was wearing a cute little sundress supershort and almost transparent. I said to him hey Luke “do you think I’m sexy? “I was sitting really close to him shoulder to shoulder hip to hip. I could tell he felt uncomfortable he cleared his throat. ahem.. Then he turn towards me and looked at me with those big sexy brown eyes. “Hey kid your super pretty and kinda sexy.. But you’re my kid cousin so forget about it I have to admit that you’ve been driving me crazy this summer because your super sexy but you way too young and your my cousin so knock it off.” And with that he got up and left the room. I was pissed!
But that wasn’t gonna stop me. I had only three days before I was going back home and I was determined to play with my cousin Luke.
So.. I knew he was doing a gig that night and would be coming home way after midnight and I knew his parents would be asleep by then.
And that’s when I put the plan into effect.
The wore my cutest little panty bra set slipped into his bed and took the light out and waited for him to come home.
Eventually he did come home stumbling into his room and I hid under his blanket staying is still as I could. I could hear him removing all his clothes and finally he slipped into bed and that’s when I slid close to him and then pressing my body tightly up against him. “What the fuck?” He said what he doing here? And I whispered in the sexiest voice I could .” Luke I want you to fuck me.” Please fuck me.”
I can hear him breathing deeply.” Damn Gisele” he said softly.” We can’t.” And I took one of his hands and placed it inside my little bra right up against my erect nipple. And I moaned mmm please? And without giving him a chance to answer I slid my hand down his chest, realizing he was totally naked in my little hand slid to his cock which was already super hard.He gasped . but didn’t stop me from gently stroking his hard cock.
And that’s when I felt him slide his hands inside my bra squeezing my perky little Tits I moaned and helped him take it off. He licked and sucked my hard nipples he was so turned on and started kissing me down my tummy little licks in my navel and I was so turned on couldn’t even breathe . He went even lower and started to lick my smooth little bald pussy lips. It tickled like crazy at first .And I tried not to giggle, and then it changed it had me so fucking hot,So fucking wet , begging to come. He finally stopped for a moment and told me “Gisele we can’t go all the way but I am going to make you cum” he lowered himself and sliding down my body giving me small little kisses down my tummy and back to my smooth bald pussy.
He licked, and stroked my hot little hole with his tongue so good that I was lifting up my little ass and pressing his head down onto my pussy and I humped right up into his mouth.
Totally Fucking breathless I was ready to cum and I moaned so loudly he had a cover my mouth LOL. And that’s when I came spasm after spasm into his mouth. I was exhausted but so happy. And then I watched as he stroked his cock while looking at my pussy and then he rubbed his cock between the lips of my bald pussy and it wasn’t long till he shot a hot sticky load of cum on my tight little tummy.



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