Car Sex is ONE of my favorite ways to cum. My boyfriend wanted to go to this out of town thing and I wasn’t that enthused about going, long car rides never did anything for me but bore me and I told him this. He wanted to go look at a bunch of old cars that were on display at some car show and he wanted me to come along, so I said I’d go even though he knew I didn’t want to, really. He said he’d make it worth my while. I wasn’t sure what that meant, but ok, I’ll go.

So we started out on this journey and once we hit the highway and it was pretty steady going, he reached over and slid his hand up my thigh and under my short skirt. I could feel his fingers teasing at the edges of my panties and I was starting to get wet and gooey. I opened my legs further and he slid his fingers into me under my panties, I always loved a good finger fuck and he was certainly doing a good job of it. I’d had car sex before of course, when you’re a teen, it’s often the most convenient spot to have it.


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I had many happy memories of getting finger fucked and a lot more, over the years from various guys I’d been dating.

Car sex can often be challenging.

there’s only so much room, one old boyfriend in my teens had a van, and that was a lot more comfortable, I could at least totally lay out and not have to get cramped in the backseat! I closed my eyes and put my head back and just enjoyed the sensations of his exploring fingers on my clit and in my pussy.

I was bucking against his hand and came and he withdrew his fingers and held them up to my lips for me to taste myself, I felt like such a bad girl, but I grinned and opened my mouth to taste. He then said he wanted to pull over and fuck and I certainly wasn’t going to say no to that, so we pulled off onto a quiet road and got in the backseat and fucked our brains out before continuing on our way. I leaned over the front seat and he took me from behind, grabbing at my tits and squeezing them and sliding his dick into me.

I gripped at the seat and bounced up and down on top of him, feeling his balls between us and my pussy making those squishy noises with every pump of his dick inside of me. It felt so good to get fucked like this. Someone could have driven by any minute, but that only added to the excitement! The cramped quarters made us make the most of the space and our positioning and work even harder to cum, but I did indeed cum and so did he, filling me up and making me a mess as we indulged in our secret car sex. Once we got to the car show I went to the ladies room to clean up a bit, and I was horny the rest of the day thinking about our antics.

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