A friend of mine had started volunteering at the blind school and helping out and was really enjoying it and she said I might think about trying it as well, so I figured I could try and see what it was like, so one Saturday we both went for a few hours and I found I liked it as well. Most knew braille of course, but they also had some people that would go in and try to entertain them by reading or playing the piano. This one young man in his late teens caught my eye, he was very good looking, such a shame he was blind and couldn’t see.


I went over to him and started talking to him.He was  friendly and sweet and we we got along right away.We spent time telling jokes and  just hanging out. I went to visit him a few times. Once our jokes and conversation turned sexual and it was clear that he was horny. I was attracted to him sexually for sure but when he first shyly asked if I would ever consider having sex with a blind virgin? I laughed it off  but realized he was serious.  I asked him where his room was and tried to slip out without any of the supervisors or teachers seeing me going off with him. Once back in his room I led him to the bed and asked him if he’d ever been with a woman before and he said no. I asked him if he’d like to be. I’m sure you can guess the answer to that! I stripped and he did too, and we were both naked on his bed and he said he wanted to feel every inch of me and run his hands all over me to “see me” and I said of course. I’d never felt so thoroughly explored in all my life and he also wanted to smell me as well and I felt so exposed even though he couldn’t see me, he was examining me in a way no many had done before.

He slid his tongue up the insides of my thighs and then opened my pussy lips with them and tasted my womanly juices and said he’d never tasted or smelled anything like it, and he loved it! His tongue searching my pink folds and lapping at my ever flowing cunt juices that he was making pour from me as he aroused me so with his innocence and inexperience. He may have never done this before, but he had a knack for it, I think the mere fact that he couldn’t see, made him try a bit harder than a man with perfect vision would have. His hands and fingers probed me in much more intimate way than a normal seeing man would, they also have their eyes to give them stimulation and information, so they don’t use their other senses as keenly as a blind person would.

I felt my pussy lips swell from his attentions as he licked me and teased me and made me cum and then he asked if he could fuck me and I answered him by getting him on his back and straddling his hard, young cock and riding him as I brought his hands up to my breasts to squeeze them as I ground my stiffened clit against his cock and rotated my hips in little circles and clenched my cunt muscles around his young cock, milking it. It wasn’t long before he shot his young cum inside of me. I think that young blind boy got a good education that afternoon. I think I like this volunteering, I may go back next week and see who else I can introduce to the world of lovemaking!

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