All of Us Have Been on a Naughty Blind Date, But Do They Really Work?

So first of all, I need to tell you I just woke up the day after a naughty blind date. I have to say, I cannot believe I let Stacy set me up. At first, I was kind of mad at her, to be honest.  There was no way this crap would work.

Okay, so I’ve been on some strange dates. There was the guy with the nice car but he was super creepy. Then there was the hot girl who I had so much fun with. Of course, I’ll never forget the guy with the sneeze fetish who got off to me sneezing after I put too much pepper on my food.

Well, I had just gotten done finalizing my divorce. A long story that I won’t bore you with. So Stacy took it to mean you’re single, let’s get you to mingle. We debated long and loud about this. Eventually, I relented, as Stacy is a beautiful, but determined force when she wants to help her friends.

What we did next was go looking for guys!

In the new age of dating, we find many eligible and taken guys and girls online. Come on, that’s the new trend. For those of us who are kind of looking, but not quite ready to do anything serious. Online dating can be both fun and hot. There is the potential to have many a naughty blind date or two.

I still cannot believe Stacy installed the app on my phone that would lead to so many wonderful nights. Once installed, we looked and swiped on hot guys and girls. Finally, we found a hot guy who looked promising. His name was Daniel and he looked so hot. My mind raced in anticipation and concern. What if this dude was a catfish?

After some back and forth Daniel and I worked out a time and a place to meet. You know what, I’m so glad I listened to Stacy. She also helped me get ready for the night. I wore a slinky black dress, thigh highs, and black heels  I applied light but natural makeup, then grabbed my purse and left my house.

The naughty blind date began!

Well, the time was finally here. It was now or never. When I got to the restaurant, I looked around nervously. A tall, hunky guy came up to me. His blue eyes made my jaw drop. He laughed and took my hand softly in his bigger hands. His touch sent ripples down my body.

We sat down to eat, but I could hardly concentrate. I kept staring at his eyes and his sensual lips. After my initial nervousness subsided, our conversation flowed easily. We had so much in common, but there was much more. We both had just ended our relationship and were in search of something, but didn’t know what.

After dinner, the real fun started.

Danny and I decided to go back to his apartment. Once inside, we had some drinks and started talking. Soon talking turned to sweet, but passionate kisses. His lips were so much more than I had hoped for. They were soft and caressing.

Danny’s hands traveled up and down my arms, causing my arms and shoulders to break out in goosebumps. Taking my hand, we walked back to his bedroom. Slowly my dress dropped to the floor. Danny trailed kisses down every exposed area until I couldn’t take anymore. My panties and bra followed thereafter. Kicking off my shoes, I got onto his soft bed.

Danny’s lips did not disappoint. He seemed to know every inch of my yearning body. To be honest it didn’t take me long. Once his tongue touched my wet pussy, it didn’t take long to cum all over his face.

Does a naughty blind date work?

Oh yes, the night was so hot. Danny came up to mount my naked body. He slipped into my wet hole. I cried out in pain at first because he was so thick. I could feel him all the way to the back of my pussy.

Danny came fast because of the sheer excitement, but that was not the end. He was ready again about an hour later. We spent the night fucking hard. I came so much that his bed was a soaked pool of juices.

This was only the first naughty blind date of many more to come. Danny and I had so many hot encounters with each other and with some friends who joined us, but that’s for another story.

Tell me about a naughty blind date that you went on.  Cum to the Phone Sex Kingdom and I’ll blow your mind and body with the freakiest phone sex ever!

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