The New Girl Next Door

It is a sunny Saturday afternoon and you notice the moving trucks have arrived at the house for sale next door. You have been waiting to see who would replace your old nagging neighbors. I bet you didn’t expect someone like me to be the new girl next door. I pulled up to my new house in my sexy red corvette and stepped out of my car wearing a short black dress and high heels.  I bet you couldn’t take your eyes off of my long tans legs with my lengthy strides and head held in confidence. Is that why you rushed over so quickly to introduce yourself?

“Hi, I’m Aaron, your neighbor. I just wanted to be the first to welcome you to the neighborhood.”

Your kind voice made me blush as I held out my hand and introduced myself to you in return.

“Hi, I’m Natalie. How sweet of you to come to welcome me! Would you like to come inside? I would love to share a drink with you after the long drive it took to get here!”

Share a Drink With Me

I mean, how could you resist? The way my red lips curl into a seductive smile and my blue eyes trap you inside of them, no one can ever resist the new sexy girl next door. So, you followed me in and we made our way through the boxes to the kitchen. I poured us each a glass of Bourbon and cheers to you. 

“Do you have any plans today Aaron? I could really use a strong man like you to help me get everything situated. Do you think you could help me out? I don’t have much to offer you at the moment, but we could go for a ride in my Corvette later if you would like?”

Can You Help Me

You jumped up so quick! I love when men don’t wait too long to answer me. You downed the last of your drink and looked to me to point you in the right direction to help me.

“Thank you so much, Aaron! If you could, all of the boxes are already labeled and just need to be placed in the right rooms. I am going to take a quick shower and get ready for our romantic little drive later!”

I left little to the imagination when I walked up the stairs. Your eyes traveled up my skirt and clearly saw my little black thong. I felt your presence following me slowly but surely. This is how I will seduce you, strong, handsome Aaron. I stripped out of my dress and walked into the master bathroom wearing only my thong and heels. I left the door cracked open so that your wandering imagination would lead you in to take a peek at your desired girl next door.

Warm Bodies and Warm Water

Then, as I bent over the tub to test the water, I felt your body press up against the back of mine.

“Aaron, what are you doing up here?” I moaned.

You couldn’t help yourself.  So I turned around and pressed my red lips to yours. As I grabbed your hands and pulled them up to my perky tits, your bulge was firmly rubbing against my panties. I started to strip you down and pull you into the warm shower. This reminded me of one of my favorite porn to watch. It’s about a bratty little sister forced to take her brother’s load. The difference here is that I am in complete control. Our bodies molding into one under that hot stream of water. Soon, my legs wrapped around you and we started to have some of the hottest first meeting sex of our lives.

More to CUM

Before too long, I needed more of you. I pulled you out of the shower and our dripping wet bodies made it to my bed. I pushed you down and climbed on top of you. Then I was grinding, riding and pleasing your cock better than any of the other lovers you had taken before. When I slid my lips down your chest to taste my sweet juices up off of your cock you gave me the first load of many.

Then, I swallowed every last drop. The way I licked my lips made you want even more. If you want me, Aaron, you had better get back to work. I need these boxes unloaded and I need them done now. In the end, don’t you worry your hungry cock. Later, the girl next door has a Corvette she wants to take out and have some crazy hot car sex in, and you’re her first guest.


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