I’m just the girl next door, in need of fast cash.

I’ve always been the sheltered girl, growing up.  I was obedient and followed my mother everywhere. Even in Middle School, she never signed the paperwork for Sex Education thinking I was too young. But, growing up in L.A. made it difficult for her to hide certain lifestyles. As I got older and my curves started becoming more pronounced and boys started calling me “the girl next door,” which I never understood. I always played by the rules and wanted to be the perfect daughter. And, I planned on keeping it that way.

Soon, I landed a job at the hospital where Mom worked. Money was great, so, I got a new beautiful apartment in Studio City. But unfortunately, hours got cut. After I got used to my lush lifestyle, I had to figure something out. I went to a few temp agencies and came across an opening for a receptionist in adult entertainment. The pay looked great, so I applied, and got an interview the next day.

The Interview

I was dressed to impress. I sat and waited, nervous because as soon as I walked in I saw women decked out from head to toe. Soon, I started thinking, “Shit! I should have done more with my hair and make-up!” Right then, a man walks in and introduces himself as Michael Brooks.

“Hi, I’m Yazmin.”  We shook hands.  “I am here for the receptionist position,” I said nervously.   He looked deep into my eyes and asked, “Is that really what you’re here for?”  I smiled and replied with a yes.  He said, “I have a better job in mind for you.”  

I looked at him suspiciously.  “I want you to be my personal assistant,” he began, “and, when I say personal, I mean personal. You will be the receptionist but there are more things I will expect of you.”

“Such as?” I asked.

His Expectations

“You’re the girl next door I’ve been looking for,” he said. “Your look and the vibe you give off. Right off the bat, I knew I wanted you. I’m not even supposed to be interviewing you right now but I had to know who you are.”

Then, I felt myself blushing.  I didn’t know what to say.  He said, “You look particularly tense.  How about a massage?” 

“What? Now? What about the person who is going to interview me?” I pointed towards the door. 

“No one else is coming,” he said.  “It’s just us.”

I stared at him.  “What exactly do you do here, Mr. Brooks?”

“I’m the President of this company,” he said confidently.  “I do what I want here, and you look like you want the same thing as I do.” 

Soon, my body started to tremble. 

I was nervous, yet also excited.  He walked over and stood behind me, gently brushing my hair with his fingers.  He began to twist my hair in his fingers.

“You’re the girl next door, wanting to escape, I can see it in your eyes. Would you like to escape?” he asked.  “Yes,” I whispered.   Just then, I surrendered to him, and he knew it. 

He simultaneously got down on his knees and spread open my legs. He started kissing up my leg pushing my skirt up as he licked my inner thigh. “I’ll give you whatever you want…this job, money, and all of my attention if you’ll have it…”  He finally reached my dripping wet pussy with the tip of his tongue. I was quivering with excitement, meanwhile unsure of how to respond.

Before I could try to speak, he pulled me to my feet and bent me over the desk.  Then whispers in my ear, “This might hurt a little bit but you’re going to take it. I want you to be mine. Are you ready for my cock now?” 

“Yes!” I gasped, wanting him more than anything. I was about to have my pussy pounded roughly.  Finally, I cried out as his hard cock began to slide inside of me. 

Call me soon for submissive phone sex. I want to tell you what happens next…