Justin is a man of small stature, barely reaching 5’4. I met him online and only talked to him because he had a kink that I rarely come across: giantess. Apparently he loves the idea of a big woman dominating him and making him her plaything. I’m taller than he is but not by that much. I can’t magically grow taller but I can enhance myself so I can make him feel like a small man at my mercy. I put on my six inch stilettos, threw on a short dress to make my legs look even longer and wore a push up bra so my breasts were even more amazing.

I towered over poor little Justin as I stood in front of him, my breasts right in his face. “Take your clothes off.” I commanded with my hands on my hips and legs apart.  He immediately complied.  

“Come on.” I said and grabbed his arm, dragging him to the bed and pushing him down on it. He laid there and looked up at me while I slipped my dress and panties off.  I left my bra and heels on.  I climbed on the bed and crawled towards him like a predator, moving slowly up his small body. He breathed faster and I pinned his arms down on the bed and grinded on him, rubbing my pussy all over him.  My pussy was so close to his dick, I’m sure he was able to feel the warmth of it.  It must have been so hard for him to keep control. He moaned and pushed his hips up rubbing his dick on me and smearing pre-cum in thin streaks across my skin.

I pressed down on him, smothering him with my body.  “You are going to lie there and do whatever I want you to do.”  I said.  He swallowed and nodded his head.

“I hope I don’t need to remind you that I cum first.  Don’t you dare cum before I do.”  I said sternly.  “If that happens, you will NEVER see me again.” He blurted out his pathetic assurances as I pushed myself up and positioned myself above his dick. I held him as I moved down, his dick poking past my lips then filling me. When he was in deep I began to ride him, going slowly then building up to a fast, steady fuck.

My giantess pussy throbbed around him and I closed my eyes enjoying the feeling. My pussy tightened and got wetter as I moved.  I leaned my body forward again.  I gripped his arm, pushing him into the mattress while I used his dick to pleasure myself. My orgasm hit me hard and I came with a cry. When I was done cumming I turned my focus back on Justin and saw that he was biting his lip and groaning while his muscles were clenching. He was trying so hard not to cum until he was allowed to.

I squeezed my pussy around him and leaned over his shaking body. “Okay, I’ve had my fun so go on and have yours.” I murmured in his ear and he began bucking his hips up, fucking me wildly. I shuddered as he shoved into me and a second later he froze as he started to cum.

When he was done I climbed off him and saw that my hands had left little red marks on him. I guess I was a bit too rough with his little body.   What else would you expect from a giantess?

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