I Have An Amazing GFE Story To Tell

I have an amazing GFE story to share of my incredible weekend with my boyfriend. It could be my favorite and maybe best sex stories I can tell. He’s a modern guy and knows we are equal. However, like most men, he loves the idea of a woman catering to him. What man doesn’t? I thought it might be fun for him if we had a “June Cleaver weekend”. He of course loved the idea.

I did one thing I knew he’d love, I’d bet June never did though. I cooked and baked in the nude for him, wearing nothing but my apron. He was hard when I baked him a cake and he watched me bending over taking it out of the oven. I love to cook and bake as it is, but don’t do it for every meal every day. This weekend, I made everything we ate from scratch. It was a lot of work for sure, but he loved it.

Every Move I Made Was To Make Him Feel Loved

He didn’t lift a finger the entire weekend. I did all the housework, all the cleaning up, all the laundry. When he came in after work, I even knelt at his feet and gave them a massage. Of course, I then worked my way up and gave him a sloppy blow job as well. I’m not sure June Cleaver would ever have done that for Ward! I wanted this live in action GFE story to remember by him forever. I took his cock in my mouth while I looked him right in the eye and deeply took it down my throat. Drooling all over it, twisting my hand up and down his shaft as I sucked him. He was practically whimpering with pleasure as I did it. I tapped his dick on my tongue and then went down and sucked on his swelling balls.

I Gagged As I Took His Cock As Deep As Ever

Around and around my probing tongue went. From his balls to the tip of his cock that was dripping pre-cum, and back again. I worshiped his cock, kissing it and flicking his eye back and forth. He grasped my hair in his hands, pushing downwards. I gagged on his wet shaft, wanting to please him totally. I worked my wet mouth all over him until he was nearly ready to blow. And I didn’t want him to finish there. I had a special present for him for that. And  I knew he’d love it, he’d been waiting a long time for me to grant him this privilege.

He Had A Perfect View Of My Ass

I then got up and faced away from him, wearing only my apron, and bend over, offering him my ass. I normally was not into anal, but this was his weekend and he could do whatever he wished to me. He grabbed me by the hips and slowly nestled his hard cock between my butt cheeks. I felt him at my hole and he slowly sunk his way into me. I gasped as he spread me open, but I wanted to satisfy him to no end. As I held onto my ankles, he thrust into my asshole.

He reached underneath me and rubbed my clit, making me wet and slippery. And He encircled his fingertips on my stiffened bud until I was bucking back and forth against his hand. He teased my pussy and clit and told me to beg to cum. I begged him and he finally made me cum. He soon shot his hot seed into me and said I was such a good girlfriend.

 I Drew Us A Warm Bath

I then drew us a bath, and we got in together. And I washed him tenderly from head to toe and then carefully dried him off. We walked to the bed, and I applied moisturizer all over him. This got him hard again. What is a good GFE story without a massage? I gave him a long, thorough massage, including on his cock. He was insatiable with me treating him this way, he just loved it.

I stroked up and down his hard cock. Teasing him and then nearly bringing him over the edge and then slowing down until it drove him nearly insane. I knew it was time and I finally let him blow. His load was immense, even though he’d only blown in my ass less than an hour ago. I completely drained him, and he loved it. He said the next morning he slept better than he had in years because of all my extra attention. I loved making him feel like a king, and he loved it too.

I dO all kinds of phone sex and GFE is my specialty

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