I Was A Horny Teen Counselor At A Religious Camp

Some of the best sex stories are the ones from our very own lives. They are our personal history and the things that turn us on more than anything else. When I was in my teens one year the summer job I got was as a camp counselor at a religious camp. I am by no means religious, but all the regular camps were finished hiring. So I had to pretend I was a bible thuGisele best sex storiesmper to get in. It was pretty crazy, but I put on a good show for them to make them think I was one of them. I always had a pretty high sex drive, and didn’t know what I’d so about being horny all the time. Since everyone there was either still a virgin, or they were chaste and just not doing it.

I Couldn’t Find Anyone Willing To Fuck

Some of the best sex stories I ever heard were church camp ones. Especially guys that get it on with other guys. There’s a lot of clandestine stuff going on at church camps. But I couldn’t find anyone willing to fuck at this one. Finally this one guy confessed to me how horny he was. But no matter what, he was saving himself for marriage. But he said he would masturbate with me if I’d be content with that much. I was so desperate, I agreed. One afternoon when we had the day off and all the kids were out with the other counselors, we went to his cabin and masturbated together. He told me to keep my panties on. I think he didn’t want to tempt himself more than he was.

He said his dick got really hard. And I could grind on it, but no penetration. I wanted that virgin dick so fucking bad. But he was insistent we not go all the way. So I straddled him and started to glide back and forth on his cock. Even though I was wearing panties, they were wet from my juices . And I nestled his hard, young cock between my panty covered pussy lips. I could feel my clit rub against his throbbing cock he surprisingly allowed me to touch with my hand.

This Was One Of The Best Sex Stories Of The Summer

I was so horny, this was one of my best sex stories of the summer. I’d be sure to tell my girlfriends about when I got back home. How I humped this guy and he wouldn’t allow me to take my panties off. They would laugh their heads off at this religious square that could have had pussy and passed it up.

But at the moment the horny square was all I was getting, so I would make the best of it. And get off with him as best I could. He grabbed me by the hips and really pulled me against him. I know he wanted that pussy, but his willpower was strong. And through the panties was as far as he would go with me. I came so fucking hard on his dick. He soon shot a load all over his stomach. We did this a few times that summer. But boy, was I glad to get back home and be able to fuck real, non religious guys again that genuinely wanted pussy.

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