He Is The Sexiest GFE Caller

Many callers love a good GFE story, and it’s one of my favorites as well.  An erotic sex story is always satisfying for me. One of my favorite callers is a single guy, and he’s told me talking to me is the best part of his day. A highlight of his entire week. Many times we just talk nonsexual conversations. So many guys don’t have anyone to chit chat with. I’m glad I can be there for them and be a companion of sorts for them. He is nice to talk to, warm, funny, sweet. Sexy voice and a hot imagination. He just works a lot and doesn’t have time for a real-life lady, so I’m his virtual girlfriend.

He Has  A Great Way To Describe What He Likes

First tells me what our perfect date would be like. Going to a concert with someone we both enjoy, then a late-night dinner. Going home and having some wine by the fireplace and then making love. We like the same things sexually, so it’s easy to get turned on when we have a call. He likes to tease a lady to the point of them just begging him to fuck them, which I love as well. Make me beg for it! I love to please my guy and get down on my knees and worship his cock.

He Has Me Soaking Wet

My caller says he’d have me creaming down my thighs, and I believe he would! I tell him I’d suck him until his cock was quivering in my wet mouth. Flickering my tongue all over his dripping cock head, lapping at it. Tasting his sweet and copiously flowing precum. I’d deep throat him as I looked right into his eyes and massaged his balls. He said he loves to bring a woman to orgasm with his tongue. Tasting her nectar and sucking on her erect clit, driving her wild. We’d be sixty-nining all the time!

It’s My Turn To Share

My favorite GFE story we talk about is if we went away on vacation for a week or so to a mountain cabin. No internet, no t.v., just one another to keep each other occupied and satisfied. I love waking a guy up by sucking on his cock. They sure love it as well. He’d wake up hard, pitching a tent under the covers. I’d reach down and give it a few strokes, then dive under the covers. Take him in my mouth and start to slurp away on him. He wakes up, thrilled this is how he’s beginning his day.

We Get Into Some Details

Then I’d get on top of him and ride him so well. Sleepy sex is always so good. It has that surreal, dreamlike quality about it. Gliding up and down, tits bouncing. My pussy milking his hard shaft as it moves in and out of me. So loving to wake someone up this way. I love to please my boyfriends this way, and the caller thinks of himself as my virtual boyfriend. We talk about all these sorts of things. The mountain cabin with a blizzard outside, howling winds, a roaring fire, plenty of wine, and lots of passionate sex. Cuddling together and whispering sweet nothings into one another’s ears.

All Our Senses Are Being Teased

Maybe a massage on the fur rug in front of the roaring fire. We’d make our own warmth for one another. Not a care in the world, just indulging ourselves in one another and our physical needs. Sex, good food, wine, quiet contemplative evenings staring into the fire and sharing our hopes and dreams. It would be like we were the only two people in the world, safely squirreled away from humanity.

I Love A Hot Sensual GFE Story

My dream GFE story and his are mighty similar. I look forward to his calls and the fantasies that we weave together. It’s fun to dream and to talk about these things as we pleasure ourselves. Closing our eyes pretending it’s the other who is touching us. It can almost seem real to do so when you both believe it that strongly. Hearing one another breathe heavily over the phone as we get closer and closer. I cum and I tell him, “I love you…,” and he repeats it back to me after he shoots as well. Breathing hard and catching our breath, thinking of our pretend mountain love nest. Let me be your girlfriend, I’d love to be.

Join Me for some hot phonesex, From Vanilla to the darkest, Kinkiest play.

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