One of my submissive playthings whose appetite for humiliation is particularly insatiable called me the other day and asked if I would cum over later, as he had a present for me. It turned out I was the one who would be giving him a present, though: the gift of spanking!

Naturally, a big part of our fun involves me surprising him with various naughty and/or sadistic plot twists. He’s the kind of mindless sub who likes not knowing what’s going to happen next. I think many of you reading this know exactly what I mean . . . don’t you? 😉

I arrived at his place, walked in, and quietly tiptoed towards his room. Then I heard someone jacking off in the living room, and got even more excited to find out what was in store for this evening. I turned the corner to the living room and saw my subbie facing away from me on the couch, his cock was out, hard, and being fucked by his right hand. In his left hand I could make out his cell phone, and on it was a picture of a huge cock.

Between cackles, I managed to blurt out my (rhetorical) question: “Are you SERIOUSLY jerking off to a dick pic?”

He leaped off the couch, turning to face me. “No mistress, I would never” he stammered.

“Oh really? I’m pretty sure I just caught you. Why are you LYING to your Mistress?” I said with a smirk on my face.

He said nothing, just dropped his pathetic head in shame.

“You NEVER lie to me.” I walked closer to him, my stillettos click-clacking against the hardwood viciously. His still semi-hard cock was hanging out of his pants. “Take off your pants, you worthless faggot . . . and bend over on the couch so I can see your pathetic ass!” We both knew it was time for a brutal spanking.

He quickly dropped his pants and bent over on the couch. I picked up his pants and pulled his belt free. I folded it and smacked the belt against my palm. It made an excellent ‘smack’ sound that echoed throughout the whole room.

“You thought I didn’t notice what a little closet queen you are did you?” I smacked the belt against my hand a little harder just to watch him flinch. Grinning, I pulled my arm back and swung it down, smacking his ass hard with the belt. He lurched forward and moaned quietly.

“What, a pussy isn’t good enough for pussy like you? You want a big thick cock instead, huh?” I smacked his ass with the belt again, harder, and right on top of the red mark left behind from before. He moaned with pain and pleasure.

“That isn’t an answer, bitch! What, is your mouth so full of COCK that you can’t respond?”

“No mistress.” he said weakly. I slapped him with the belt once again, even harder than before.

“Louder, faggot! Do we need to get you a microphone so I can hear your quiet sissy voice?” I lifted my leg up and put my three inch heel leather boot on his ass, “Maybe I should be spanking you with my boot instead?”  I leaned over, slowly unlacing it…



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