getting my ass fucked in public

OK, I knew public sex with a stranger eating pussy in the parking lot was fucking hot. LOL especially when it’s my pussy. But I never knew rage fueled sex could be so overwhelmingly arousing that I would beg this stranger to fuck my ass. Right there in the parking lot I wanted to be getting my ass fucked in public with other strangers watching.

He stayed hard and as I felt the firm shaft slide between my ass cheeks, I lost control. I hadn’t had enough; I wasn’t sure if I would ever get everything I needed from this man.

“Oh God yes, fuck my ass,”  I screamed urgently.

He was gentle to start with, as he worked that cock into my ass. God, he felt so huge, and as he buried his full length it hurt like hell. My body throbbing with pleasures the pain only intensified it.

He started thrusting slowly at first, slowly and softly rocking at my pace. Then he buried himself deep inside me and stopped. Reaching around to pinch my left nipple through my shirt. As I arched my back to push my breast into his hand, his other hand slipped to my pussy to massage my clit.

I couldn’t stand the gentle pace I needed more, always more. I started thrusting back as hard as I could. But I just couldn’t get my body to move fast enough.

I could feel my climax building. But I couldn’t get there on my own. I tried to say something. The words just wouldn’t come out. Then I felt him pull all of the way out of my body.

I looked over my shoulder at him, pouting in disappointment. He picked me up and turned me around before slamming me back down on the hood of my car.

His hands sliding over my legs as he pushed my knees to my chest.  I arched my hips and moaned loudly as I watched him slam that cock back into my ass.

“Yes, oh God yes. Your ass is so fucking tight, you are so fucking tight.”

He groaned softly.

He looked at me like a man on the brink of insanity. His dark eyes gleaming and his jaw clenched as he watched himself disappear into my tightest hole.

My whole body ached with pleasure, the dull ache in my ass turning into a slow-burning heat that almost drove me insane. He just kept driving himself deeper and harder inside me.

He looked at me helplessly as he slammed himself into me, almost tearing me apart.  My moans and whimpers were frantic as I clawed at the arms of his jacket.

It was an orgy of pleasure and pain that I couldn’t imagine ever living without. I couldn’t bear the thought that this man whose name I hadn’t even asked wouldn’t be fucking me again.

“Fuck me hard, tear me apart, please. Fuck me like the dirty whore I am.”

I screamed pleadingly.

The look on his face was the single most erotic thing I have ever seen. The shock and lust in his eyes made me smile. That was when I realized that he liked to be begged, that he liked to feel in control.

“Please fuck me Sir, please fuck my ass so hard and deep that it tears me apart. Make me your slut, mark me as yours.” I urged desperately.

getting my ass fucked in public
getting my ass fucked in public

He fucked me like a machine, each thrust stealing my breath away. His eyes were blank as they stared into my soul. I reached down and played my fingers through my slit.

His hands tighten on my calves as he watches my fingers, thrusting himself harder inside me. Every nerve in my body was on fire as I writhed under him.

“Cum for me you whore.”  He groaned.

As my body arched up to his and shuddered around him, my screams of pleasure push him over the edge. He pulls out and his cum spatters my neck and shirt.

I catch him as he pitches forward; cradling his head to my heaving chest. Slowly he raises his head and mutters under his breath. I didn’t understand a word he was saying but I agreed anyway.

We both look over at the van smiling, the man winks and gives us a thumbs up.  I guess he agreed as well.

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getting my ass fucked in public
getting my ass fucked in public

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