Rage fueled sex

Raged fueled sex had caused my scream to echo throughout the parking lot. We both froze, knowing that someone must have heard my screams.

My heart was pounding loudly even as I lay beneath him trembling in bliss from his oral talents. My mind numb climbing from the free-fall into the abyss. No one came and we relaxed.

Yet my mouth began to salivate thinking of a hard cock in my mouth and the explosion of cum on my tongue. His hands falling from my body even as he kissed my thigh affectionately.

The sound of his belt unbuckling, the sharp noise of his zipper opening resounded in my ears. I smiled before sliding from the bonnet, pulling my skirt down neatly. I lead him to the front of the car and sat on the bumper,

it made a great seat to suck his gorgeous cock.

As he rested his hands on the bonnet beside my head he thrust heavily into my mouth. I focused all of my attention on using my tongue to tease at his swollen cock.

I wrapped my legs around him as I swallowed his cock. My eyes raised to watch his gorgeous face. I let my nails rasp lightly over his balls as I massaged them.

With my other hand, I gently pushed a finger inside his ass. His gasp of pleasure echoed around us, and his hands balled into fists in my hair. I started to laugh at the whole situation.

Rage fueled sex
Rage fueled sex

My giggles vibrating over his shaft forcing him over the edge. His eyes rolled into the back of his head as he came in the back of my throat, I swallowed greedily as I watched each subtle movement of his face.

He sat beside me on the bumper, his pants and boxers still around his ankles. I think he was trying to get his eyes to focus, the way he blinked a thousand times in the dim artificial light.  I couldn’t seem to wipe the smart assed grin off my face. Then I had to laugh as he finally looked over at me.

“Wow, now you’re in trouble.”  He choked out huskily.

He grabbed me and spun me so that my back was to him, pinning my slender wrists behind my back. Then he flicked one of my heels off and pulled my thigh high from my leg.

He nipped at my shoulder as he tied my wrists behind my back. I pressed myself to him tightly as I looked over my shoulder at him; my blue eyes sparkling in mock innocence.

“I want it now, and I want it hard.  I want you to fuck me, and I want you to fuck me now.  Do you damn well hear me?”  I demanded loudly.

“I hear you bitch.”  He gasped in surprise before adding.

“Ever fucked with someone watching you and jerking off?”

“Huh?”  I grunted in confusion.

“There’s a guy in that van over there watching us and jerking off.”  He chuckled softly.

I honestly don’t know what came over me as I looked to where he motioned, the middle-aged man with his head thrown back in ecstasy.

“Well let’s give him a damn good show.”  I giggled, leaning my chest against the bonnet as I wiggled my hips at him.

I felt him untie my wrists and I braced myself against the bonnet. Then I felt his hard cock against my entrance before he thrust it inside me callously. I couldn’t seem to silence the loud whimpers that escaped my lips.

As he thrust his hard cock inside me,

filling my tight pussy.  We struck upon a rhythm quickly, him pounding himself mercilessly inside me and me begging for more.

I wanted him to pound that cock into me harder, to fuck me so hard that I broke. I needed him to take away all of the noise, rage, and pain. To break me, to make me bleed and cry.

So I begged him in my cracked voice, repeating it over and over in the hope that I would become lost in him.

The cacophony of noises that we made echoed and danced around the parking lot. Our breathing was ragged and harsh as we panted. Our sweaty bodies slapped together, his hip bones jarring against my rounded ass. My voice was high pitched and pleading, his low and husky as he complimented my body. Our screams and grunts and moans almost deafening as we came together.

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Rage fueled sex
Rage fueled sex

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