Getting my ass eaten during a FMF

I never thought I would be getting my ass eaten during a FMF the weekend Dawn invited me over for dinner again.

 “Hi, David!  It’s been too long!”

she greeted me at the door, and as soon as the door was closed behind me, we crushed each other with our longing bodies.

We had our hands all over each other, and started stripping each other in a frenzy.  Destiny came into the living room from the kitchen, giggled when she saw us, and came over and joined the hug,

“David, I’ve got a camcorder set up on a tripod facing the couch, so why don’t I turn that on and let’s move over there?  Dinner can wait!  I’m starving for your loving!”

“Sounds good to me!”

Dawn’s blouse was undone and her titanic tits were half in and half out.  I started sucking one and Destiny started in on the other one.

“Ohhhh!  Mmmm!” was Dawn’s response.

We all shucked our clothes and fell laughing onto the couch, the camera recording.  Dawn pushed me on my back and straddled me, impaling herself to the hilt on my raging hard-on.

Destiny slathered my crotch and her Dawn’s with goo and plugged a dildo into her asshole.  As Dawn rode me, wriggling her hips and squeezing her vagina on my cock.

Destiny worked the dildo in and out of Dawn. Dawn leaned her big boobs down to my face and I didn’t need any more urging to suck them hard, filling my whole mouth.

Dawn came and let out a whoop. “Honey, why don’t we trade places?”  So, she dismounted and Destiny climbed on my boner for a ride.

Her pussy clasped my dick and twitched as she bobbed up and down, her perfect tits flopping up and down as well. Dawn got the dildo going in Destany’s ass and we were off to the races.

Her legs were next to me, and I ran my hand along them, working my way up to and then into her swampy pussy.

“Oh!  David, fuck me with your hand!”

Between us we got her liberally lubricated and I then worked a few fingers in at the same time, then my whole hand up to the wrist. I fisted her till she came.

Destiny wanted me in her ass, so Dawn pulled out the dildo, Destiny lifted up and came down this time with her anus taking in my full penis.  Dawn licked the dildo clean.

“I’m acquiring a taste for ass,” she confessed.

“In that case, why don’t you sample mine firsthand?” I offered.  She took me up on the suggestion and got her face down under Destiny ’s bucking butt and right up to my tushy.

I felt her kissing my anus and then licking it, around and around, then sticking her tongue in, parting the skin with her hands.  She poked her nose in there, too.

Destiny suddenly came, and she squirted a stream of cum, which I scooped up with my left hand and swallowed.

“Mmmm, you taste delicious!” I told her.

“Let me try some!” Dawn exclaimed, so Destiny climbed off of me and swiveled so her lover could suck her pussy dry.

“Mmmm, I see what you mean, David!”

Both ladies came simultaneously, at which sight I jerked off and shot a jet of jism towards Dawn’s face.  She turned and caught my cock in  her mouth taking my cock balls deep in her mouth.

Then licking me clean and she lapped up the rest from my leg and what had landed on her chest. Then Destiny  leaned down and Dawn kissed her and swapped my sperm with her.

We all lay back sprawled on the couch for awhile, then Dawn said

“Ready for dinner?”  We all laughed and stumbled to the dining room and ate our meal in the nude.

Occasionally during dinner, one or the other of the gals reached under the table and played with my dick and balls.

I also reciprocated and fingered their still oozing pussies.  It was very erotic with their tits hanging over the dining room table, jiggling as they ate or gestured in conversation. thinking about Getting my ass eaten during a FMF was just the start

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Getting my ass eaten during a FMF
Getting my ass eaten during a FMF

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