Fuck toy

“Strip slave, and stand over there,” he said, pointing to the center of the room. David then retrieved the long paddle from the box then had packed with various sex toys for his fuck toy.

When he returned, he stood a stride away from Dawn and let his eyes feast on her naked body. “You are my fuck toy, aren’t you Dawn?”

As he moved behind me, tracing the paddle across the flesh of my thigh, then sliding it over my ass. He turned the paddle sideways and brought it between my legs and up against my cunt.

“Yes.” I cried out when he swatted me.

“I told you to say, ‘Yes, SIR’, didn’t I, cunt?” Swatting my ass harder

“Yes, Sir,” I answered, my eyes wet.

“So,” he said, pausing as he ran the paddle down my back and lodged it between my legs.

I groaned inwardly but managed the obligatory, “Yes, sir.” I was breathing heavily now, my pussy aching for release.

“Kneel, bitch,” he said as he worked his shorts and jockeys over his cock and down his legs. Stepping out of them, he stepped over to me, his thick cock pointing at my forehead.

“You want to suck this, don’t you?”

“Yes, sir, I do.”

“Beg me to let you suck my cock.”

“Please, sir, I really need to suck your cock.”

He reached down and fed his cock between my open lips and into my warm, wet mouth. I closed my lips around it and went as far down the shaft as I could easily manage, then back.

I sucked enthusiastically on the head, then flicked my tongue back and forth just under the massive head. After a minute or so, David brought his hand forward and combed his fingers through my thick hair.

To establish a stronghold on my head. He began fucking his cock into my mouth.

“I think I’ll try all of your fuck toy fuck-holes this morning. Would that please my fuck toy?”

He pulled his cock out and I gasped, “Yes, sir.”

“Get on your hands and knees, like a dog, fuck toy.”

I answered and obeyed, and he mounted me from behind, shoving his thick cock to the hilt in my pussy with one brutal lunge.

“Oh my God,” I cried, surprised that after all the brutal pounding over the weekend there that I still felt the pain with the pleasure.

But David’s cock was thicker than ever and it stretched my pussy wide.

“Jesus you’re a tight little fuck toy! “

“Yes, ah, yes, sir.” He pulled his cock out and rammed it in again, and I cried out. After a half-dozen thrusts, my cries changed in tone as I became accustomed to his girth and length. After a dozen more I was close to an orgasm of my own.

“Ah, yes… ah, yes,” I chanted as he hammered into me, but he slowed and stopped before I could climax.

“Just a little more,” I pleaded, “I’m so close… sir.”

“There’s one more fuck-hole I want to try,” was his response.

As he wet a finger in my dripping pussy and slid it into my ass. A second finger followed, and he began fucking the two digits back and forth in my ass.

I moaned. After a minute of this, he withdrew his fingers and used both hands to spread my cheeks and position his slick cock at my rosette.

“You want to be fucked more, bitch?”

“Oh, yes, sir, fuck me there,” I cried, excited and scared at the same time.

“Where, bitch? Tell me where you want your master’s cock. Beg for it.”

“Fuck my ass, master! Please fuck your cock in my ass!”

Fuck toy
Fuck toy

He slowly pushed his cock forward, and I pushed back.

“Ahhhhh,” she cried!!!

As the head of his cock popped past my sphincter. David paused a moment before pushing forward again.

“Oh… oh, Jesus!” I cried as another inch or so of his cock disappeared in my tight ass. A third push, pause, a fourth push and he was buried to the root in my ass.

David clenched his teeth to avoid cumming. When he gained his control back, slowly slid his thick rod out, until only the head was inside.

“Ahhhh,” I cried as he drove his cock forward, corking his fuck toy fully with one long, slow thrust.

“Masturbate,” he said, as he slowly withdrew.

I lowered my head to rest on a forearm and reached back. My hand felt the union of his cock and my ass before plunging into my pussy.

David continued to pump his cock back and forth in my ass, our approaching orgasms was coming on fast.

When he did cum his cock released jet after jet of cum deep in my bowels.

I felt the explosion and came at the same time, the pleasure coming from my ass and cunt triggering a tremendous climax. After a brief respite, David pulled his spent cock from my ass and rose.

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Fuck toy
Fuck toy

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