It was a scorching Sunday afternoon, well over 100 degrees in Los Angeles.   I was lying around my back yard, on a blanket under the shade of a tree, dozing off and feeling too lazy to even jump into the swimming pool to cool off, no matter how tempting it was. I was in my yellow bikini, which I was tugging on constantly as it was sticking to my sweaty skin.

My friend Emily was soon going to drop by with her new boyfriend, Tyson.  They wanted to cool off in my pool and I told them to come on over.   Just as I was starting to doze off, I heard the back gate open noisily and then Tyson’s voice called out, “Anyone home?”

I groaned.  The nap was going to be wonderful, I just knew it.  “Over here!” I called out and sat up to greet my guests.  To my surprise, Tyson was alone.  He walked over a bit hesitantly.  “Hey, Sabrina.  How’s it going?”  he looked down at me and then blushed a little.  I glanced down at my bikini.  It was all askew from my having tugged on it and I saw that part of my nipple was poking out.  I fixed it casually and then smiled up at Tyson.

“Where is Emily?” I asked.

“She will be back soon.  She just had to run some photos over to a client and she’ll be right over.”

“Yeah, sure.” I said.  Her current client was demanding from what she told me.  And the fact that she was dropping work off on a Sunday meant that client would be sure to keep her longer than she would like.   “She won’t be back for hours.” I sighed.

“Sorry…” Tyson said a bit apologetically.

“It’s okay, don’t worry.  You’re welcome to hang out with me.”  His smile returned.   “You can go ahead and swim if you’d like.” I told him.  “I’m just going to lie here and roast in my skin.”

“Yeah, it IS really hot isn’t it?”  Tyson fanned his face with his hand.  “Do you want me to bring you some water?”

“That,” I said, “would be perfect!”

He hurried into the house and was back in a minute with a very tall glass of  water.  I reached out for it and took a long drink.  I emptied the glass except for the ice cubes.  I handed the glass back to him.

“If you really want to get cool, why don’t you let me give you an ice rub?” he asked.

“What’s an ice rub?” I asked.

He took an ice cube out of the glass and held it with his fingers.  “I rub ice on your skin.  Cool you off…”

I was about to decline, as I was sure Emily would not really appreciate her boyfriend rubbing ice all over me but it sounded heavenly so I quickly agreed.  He seemed shocked.  But he sprang right into action.

“Lie back.”  he instructed.  I lay back on the blanket and stretched my arms and legs out slightly, closing my eyes.  I felt the ice cube at my toes and resisted the urge to pull my foot away.  I let him rub the ice cube all over my feet, then up my calves, to my thighs.  The cold water felt so good dripping off the cube and onto my warm skin.  He rubbed my inner thighs and then moved on to my stomach.  He rubbed with big circles until he came to my tits.  He gently pulled my bikini top aside and my nipples hardened before he even touched them.  He placed the ice cube on my nipple and pressed down.  Then he made small circles all over, first one nipple then the next, back and forth until they were numb.

All at once I felt warmth and a different kind of wetness and opened my eyes to see his mouth around my nipple.  I smiled and closed my eyes again.  He alternated between his tongue and the ice cube, the heat and the icy cold was splendid.  He kept his mouth on my tit as he slowly pulled my bikini bottoms down to my thighs and placed the ice cube right on my clit.  It was unexpected and my body jolted upward.  He rubbed the ice all over my pussy lips and my clit and the cold drops of water against my warm pussy made me shudder.

He let the ice slide down my inner thigh and as he continued to suck and lick my nipple, he slid two fingers inside my numb pussy and pushed them in and out of me.  He turned his fingers side to side and then straight in and out.  He finger fucked me faster and harder, then started to rub my clit with tight little circles.

I was so engrossed in my mounting orgasm that I didn’t even notice how hot it was around me anymore.  All I could focus on was Tyson’s enthusiastic fingers and lips and when I came, I raised my hips and grabbed Tyson’s hair with both my hands as wave after wave of intense pleasure swept through me.  I collapsed onto the blanket and moaned with delight.

That was the hottest way I’ve ever cooled off!

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