Get in The Mood Even When You Aren’t Feeling It.

You may find this shocking, but it’s hard for me sometimes to get in the mood.  It happens to us all.  It’s a totally normal thing that comes and goes.  Now, I would say my sex drive is higher than most girls, which is great because I am a phone sex operator!  It would be awful to be in this position and never be horny, but I still have days when I wake up and am not in the mood.

Not being horny 24/7 is fine, but I love to be hot and bothered when I work.  Everything feels more authentic when I am horny with you! So then I am stuck with the question, “how do I get in the mood?”

If I were male, the answer would be to look at porn.  Men are visual creatures, and seeing pussy will make them stand at attention. Women don’t work that way.  Everything is run on story and feeling.  So while you can look at her breasts and get a surging erection, she needs other stimulation to get in the mood.

I’ve known this about myself for a while now, and so I use it to get in the mood whenever I feel a bit lackluster.  What is my trick?  Keep reading to find out.

Sexy ASMR Phone Sex

ASMR.  Have you heard of it?  I am sure you have seen it across the internet because it has swept the net in the last decade.  There is a sexy side to ASMR. Sexy ASMR works in many ways.  The obvious way is just very sexual in nature.  Hell, in some ways, I provide you with an ASMR experience.  You listen to my pleasing voice, and it really helps get both heads in the game.

As you probably know, not all things that turn people on are innately sexual because many fetishized things are not related to sex.  A shoe is only a turn on to a person with a fetish for it.  The same applies to balloons and many other things.

How I Prepare For Phone Sex!

You are wondering what this has to do with trying to get in the mood. My sexy ASMR is Rain.  I’m a Pluviophile, to be exact.  Not all Pluviophiles find it sexual, and many use it to sleep, study and focus.  I do this, too, but I still get turned on!

The reason is that the goosebumps I get when I hear rain sounds make my skin feel like I am in a trancelike orgasm. That feeling sends me from blah to sexy in seconds!

So, how does this apply to your girl? Obviously, this isn’t a one size fits all type of thing. What works for one won’t work for another, so you must learn what she responds to.  The experience will get her going, so play around and see which of the senses makes her melt!

Maybe it’s a gentle touch to the nape of her neck or a particular cologne.  People unintentionally assign things to this function all the time.  I did not ask to get horny every time it rained or heard the shower running, but I got an unbeatable response.

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Improvise when you need to.  When I am home, I get in the mood by lighting a candle, turning on rain sounds, and reading erotica.  I cannot always do this, so I might just dim the lights, get naked, and jump under a bunch of blankets in a pinch.  Feeling the fabric gently touch my skin and the dimness tricks my mind into believing it is gloomy enough to rain!

It’s so funny how the human mind works! Do you have any non-sexual things that turn you on?  Call me and tell me OR follow my Twitter for funny posts and tips on dealing with women.

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