Sex with strangers sounds daunting for most, but for me, it has become second nature.  After all, that is the day job! After realizing that there would be plenty of people interested in how sex workers prepare for anonymous sex, I decided to throw my routine into the ring.

Starting the day with caffeine sounds like life’s biggest score, but coffee does not provide me with a sense of zen.  So for me, a cup of black tea is the way to go.  Of course, you have to stimulate your brain, too.  After reading plenty of books on the subject of mental wellness and preparing for the day ahead, I found that listening to a little sexy ASMR does the trick.

You cant have anonymous sex without the right mindset

Sexy ASMR is pretty much what it sounds like.  The climatic sounds of sucking cock and primal moaning are sure to get even the most prude in the mood.  What works for me won’t work for everybody, but I definitely recommend giving it a go.

After I finish my cup, I get a small breakfast.  Nothing too filling, but enough to make it through to mid-day.  These are healthy items like yogurt, fruit, and nuts.  I like that yogurt looks like cum, and I feel it prepares me for the slutty snacks throughout the day. Preparation is key!

Once properly fed, I like to journal. Wet dreams spark a lot of fire in me that I cannot help but try and ignite.  Plus, my dreams are weird, but I need to get them out somehow.  Journaling out my freaky dreams makes anonymous sex feel easy.  I truly believe no one can get odder than my wet dreams.

Once I am done, I freshen up and put on my sexiest clothes.  You do your best when you feel your best!  I like to set myself up for success by slipping on, the bare minimum, my sexiest panties.  Sure, I know by day’s end they are likely to be ruined from the sexual adventures, but you can’t be sexy if you don’t feel sexy.

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Keeping hydrated is as important! Orgasm after orgasm is pretty close to impossible without H2O.  I like to keep a few bottles by me a day, but I usually chug down a whole one in the morning. The things we do to have anonymous sex, lol.

Once I am feeling refreshed, I like to do some erotic stretching routines.  Loosening the limbs is very important when one is curled up with a dildo and a phone every day!  Making sure that the groin is properly stretched and the legs nimble is, in fact, one of the most important steps of a sex worker’s day.  It isn’t any different just because it is virtual.


What did you think I did for my morning routine?  Or maybe you are curious to learn more about mine! I also have many steamy stories here!

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