General Conversation With My Long Distance Lover

Hey boyfriend!  Would you like to indulge in a kinky roleplay?

Come on through and join me in a bit of general conversation.  Back home we say, “come sit with me a while.”   Others may refer to having a general conversation as ” chewing the fat. ”  Well, I do not want to hear you chew on anything nor can we hold hands at this time.  So, settle down a bit, and let me give you the ultimate girlfriend experience #gfe.

One thing I refuse to do is compete with you.  Either you are going to sit here and be civil or we are both going to act a fool.  Though I have an opinion it is not always warranted.  There is nothing like a good ole debate, but who wants to argue with their man?  I DON’T!

4Types of General Conversation

Debate, Dialogue, Discourse, and Diatribe are four ways to go about a conversation.  Do not debate me.  I will let you win, or at least think you did.  No one ever truly wins in an argument and I do not argue.  Once my opinion and stance have been positioned, that is it.  My vantage point may be shifted and morphed with growth and knowledge, yet it is best that I simply keep quiet.  Many folks simply do not know how to argue without getting their panties all in a bunch  If you want me to ball them up, at least let me drench them in vaginal fluid first.

#fml my mother was the worst for a diatribe!  If you want to be in authority and talk at me, let me know in advance so that I may respond accordingly.  Remember a good phone actress is only as good as her script.  Most of our scenes are improv, so background information is a necessity.

Story Time

Discourse is a one-way cooperative conversation that is intended to deliver information.  About 70% of my calls are storytime.  Listen to my will adventures.  Hear me recant tales of lovers past.  Tell me all about your day, your passions, and your confessions.  I must say that general conversations are my favorite because intimate connections are forged here.  Confessions, do not always have to be kinky.  Some of the most sexual things in this world are not sexual at all.

When a storytime becomes reciprocal, a dialogue is hashed out and the roleplay begins.  We feed off one another’s energy.  You become my long-distance lover.  My confidant.  My friend.  We support one another and inspire new horizons.  Who knows what could happen if given a hot bath with a pack of highlighters, plus a blacklight.  It may end in a memory that lasts for years or just as long as our Skype-chat session did.  Long-distance-lover, please do not fall asleep on me.  I need you to reciprocate in our general conversation to stay on the line or in our phone sex chat.

A general conversation does not have to be awkward.  Just because it is adult content doesn’t necessarily mean sexual.  Sex is great!  Fancy fetishes, oh my!  I’m no taboo, so cum play with me here at the Phone Sex Kingdom, where all the kings slang their thangz.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke