Gaping my pussy until I can’t feel my husband anymore.

Gaping and full of cum, I finally get a hold of myself.  I look around and see half a dozen black men and my girlfriends sleeping wherever.  I can’t blame the alcohol because I barely had any.  The truth, though shameful to admit, is that Brandy talked me into cheating on my husband, and things got crazy.  They were all just so big, and I am embarrassed to say that I was fucked stupid for hours and hours.

It looks like my friends got it just as badly as I did.

 With their asses still pointed in the air, I could see their once pretty holes stretched open and full of cum like one of those guarded fly-eating plants.  Ass and pussy gaping, they’ve been filled to the brim with baby batter.  Unable to help myself, I stick a finger in Brandy’s cunt, scoop out a gob of it, and suck it off my finger.  Mmm, still warm.

“I’ve got to get home to Michael,” I say out loud to no one, really.

I told him I’d be home hours ago.  I wouldn’t want him to worry, so I send a quick text his way telling him I fell asleep at Brandy’s house, which is kind of true.  Then I pull myself together and drive home.  Michael didn’t even wait for me to put down my clutch bag before pouncing on me.  He’s always so affectionate.  I should feel lucky to have him but, thanks to last night, I don’t know how I’ll ever bring myself to even pity-fuck him now that I know how good it can be.

“Honey, wait.  I stink.  I did a lot of dancing and needed a shower.”

He kisses me and whispers, “Mmm, not yet.  You’ll have plenty of time to shower afterward.  I’m hard as a rock!”

Afterward?  Uuuughh!  He’s horny?  NOW?  I’m pressed up against him and can barely feel his tiny little prick.  I would have laughed if I also weren’t so scared.  Evidence was all over me, and if I knew my husband, he’d want to warm me up first with his…tongue.  As he drags me into the bedroom, I hit the light switch in an attempt to hide the truth.

“There’s something different about your pussy, baby,” I heard him say as he lapped at it.

I try to play it cool even though my heart is racing.  “I told you I needed a shower first.  Brandy and I tore it up tonight.”

“No, no.  It’s amazing!”

He starts licking at my gaping cunt harder, scooping it out with his tongue like it held the key to eternal youth or something.  Instead, it held about a half of a dozen men’s hot loads inside.  For the first time, I started getting wet with my husband.  He was just so eager to snack on that cum.  He was destroying the evidence.

I pressed his head further into my pussy.  “Good job, baby!  Keep going!”

“I can’t help it, baby.  Junior is about to blow.”

His pinky-sized dick slid into my cunt. I think: he began to hump away like no tomorrow.  It was so pathetic.  He couldn’t even handle licking my pussy without his little beta cock getting overly excited.

“Honey, your pussy is so…so…wet for me!”

This time, I had to cover my mouth to keep from laughing and squirting more cum out of my gaping pussy.  His short little stack of a dick is stirring other men’s loads around, and he thinks I’m just wet for him?  I wanted him to know the truth.  I wanted him to realize that he might as well have sucked the cocks himself tonight.  But thirty seconds was thirty seconds.  Like a dollar-store squirt gun, he pathetically shot his thin, little load inside of me.

My poor, delusional husband.  I wouldn’t realize just how delusional he was until nine months later when I gave birth to a brown baby.  Since then, he’s been claiming he’s 1/8 black or something thanks to a grandfather he never knew.

Are you a cum-swallowing cuck husband?  Are you this fucking stupid?  Call my phone sex line, tell me your story, and let’s see if your wife has been faithful.