Gameday Sex Play With Your Naughty Playmate.

Looking for some Gameday Sex Play with your favorite hottie? Add to that the possibility of Free Phone Sex? Hmmm. Free phone sex! Now, when you think about sex, do you stay inside the conventional norms imposed by societal confines? Or, do you think of ME? Lol.  I ask because you may think of phone sex in a way that’s so far from the realities that you might be shocked. And when you think of game day. I’d like you to get outside that box as well. Your new Gameday will consist of some magical pussy pounding and cock sucking. Lots of blow jobs and swallowing. What?  I know! Tha’s like touchdowns every time! Right!??

Likewise, gameday, Betty is an all-out freak! And so much more! This “Betty” also saves the day with free phone sex! Yes. You heard it right! FREE-PHONE-SEX! And not just during football season.  I offer something FREE just about EVERY TIME you call me; from eXXXtra pics to free minutes on longer calls. Just mention “Freebies” when you call, for the exclusive details. While you’re at it, you can make me your cum whore with no strings attached.

Gameday sex play is your perfect score for total satisfaction without ever having to leave home.

The best part yet?  Oh, yeah, gameday sex play Betty is always right there with you. Traveling on business, taking, or picking up the kids from college, In-laws about to converge for the seemingly endless Holidays? Gameday Betty cums to the rescue again! What this means is, I’m ALWAYS in the game, whatever the season, or the reason. Cum to me to always be the winner you deny yourself the ability to be in your everyday circumstances. You need the best phone sex and I’m here to give it to you.

Gameday Sex Play Betty REALLY gets to know you.

The REAL YOU! You see, I can’t tell if you’re fit, or overweight, balding, or the glorious mane of a twenty-year-old, maybe you are a twenty-year-old! Pretend to be poor, or rich, or somewhere in between. You may have no teeth, or a brilliant, Hollywood smile. None of it matters to me. Gameday Betty is like your private confessor. And, as a result, I truly believe I get to know the REAL YOU. Because, what I do know is that the facade of you, those closest to you believe they know, doesn’t always exist on the same level all the time.

You becum more real and attractive with each word we speak.  I visualize what will happen when I go down on you and it’s you alone. When you plunge my pussy, that’s all you.  The Quarterback of my day. You know exactly who you are. Stop smiling! Plus, you KNOW you want that free phone sex now, don’t you? LOL

We ALL have many levels and a lot of them remain hidden for fear of judgment and ridicule.

Bring it to me, Baby. Lay it all at my pretty, little, manicured toes.  You can’t shock me. In fact, with every caressing word cumming from your mouth, I get wetter than you could ever imagine a woman’s pussy to be. My soft, warm and caressing voice will render you free of all that bullshit heaped on you all week long; from the boss to the workers, your lady, to the neighbors! Hell. Sometimes, we ALL need a break from even our closest friends. We have things to say that not even they can be trusted to not judge us on. So, what’s your alternative?  Keep it bottled up?  I say, “HELL NO!”

Get in the game dammit!

My name is Joey. And I’m your Gameday Betty! Not the average, random, free phone sex girl.  Hell no! I’m that tight end you crave; both your offensive line-woman against the world and also, your wide receiver for any and all of your naughty thoughts.  Let me BLOCK all those shitty things in life that weigh your game down. Furthermore, I’ll be your last line of defense when others have failed you.  And I’ll always get you to that eXXXplosive touchdown!

Call me before, during, or after any game in your life from the boardroom, to the bedroom and everyplace in between. After all, with me, you’re the big winner. including FREE PHONE SEX on longer calls!

Kiss, Kiss.


Gameday Sex Play