furry fetish makes Dana HotHe Told Me He Had A Furry Fetish

When I was in college I went to several Halloween parties and had lots of fun being dressed up. And someone asked if I was into furry fetish since one of the times I’d dressed like a sexy cat. I said no, I just thought it was a cute costume. But many there were actually furries I later learned. People that got dressed up regularly as animals because they found it arousing. Foxes, cats, wolves, all kinds of different creatures were represented there. They had their own club with monthly parties and I went to the next one and it was kind of fun. The animal human hybrids were something to be seen to be believed.

Everyone Was Dressed In  Animal Costumes

Ones dressed up with ears and tails and yet displaying human, flirty like behavior. The guy I went with was all dressed up in his furry fetish costume. And we waltzed in there and everyone was wearing such elaborate and fancy costumes they had either made or bought. I looked around and saw some in far corners actually fucking with their costumes still on. I even saw the school mascot there in his costume. I’d think it would be a very hot and heavy item to wear. But he seemed to be having a good time hamming it up with all the sexy females there. With their tails dragging the ground and their fur ears attached to their heads.

Fucking While Wearing My Costume Was A First For Me

I’d never had sex wearing such a getup before. But my boyfriend asked me later that night after the party if we could have sex. Or try, while wearing our animal costumes and I said sure, I didn’t mind. So it was kind of funny seeing someone coming at me with a hard human penis poking out of a wolf outfit.

I started laughing, but I was soon moaning with delight as he fucked me. We even kept the heads on as we fucked. It was a bit different, but I’m all for different experiences and this was a memorable one to be sure. He even had a butt plug with a long fur tail on the end of it he used on me. We finally got out of the costumes and were all sweaty. But we still had some hot sex and the butt plug with the fur tail on it was fun to keep wearing as he fucked me doggy style.

I Will Try Anything At Least Once

He said he’d been into the furry fetish scene for a few years now. He’d been into comic books and then cosplay, and this seemed like a natural evolution of his desires he said. I was willing to try anything once. It was different, and he said some of the sexy cat costumes really got him aroused. Especially if the girls purred and meowed for him, so I began to purr and rub up against his leg. And he started to laugh as I did. I soon took his cock in my mouth. And was giving him a fantastic, sloppy blow job though and then he was the one making noises. He howled like a wolf baying at the moon. It was kind of silly, but fun nonetheless. So the next time you hear about furry fetish, give it a try, you just might have some fun.

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