Funny sex story about police station bathroom sex

I asked my roommate, Debbie, to tell me a funny sex story. Knew she would have one, but I didn’t expect her to tell me the one she did. I think Debbie is so funny, cute, and sexy! Can only imagine her as a teenage punk rocker kid. I’ve seen pictures and she was as sexy then as she is now.

She was 14 years old and she wanted to go see a punk rock show in the city with this guy she had a crush on. Her mom let her go and said she would pick her up after the show. If my roommate’s mom is the way she describes her then it’s no wonder she got lost trying to pick Debbie up.

The funny sex story starts out with her walking down the road with her boy crush.

A  cop pulls over and asks, “Are you Debbie?”. She says, “Uh …. yeah. Why?”. “Well, your mom called the police station and said she got lost and couldn’t find you and asked us to go out and look for you. Will you wait for her at the station?”

You might wonder, why didn’t the mom use GPS or text/call? Well, you know as well as I do that some people just haven’t gotten the hang of that kind of stuff. And probably never will.

So Debbie finds herself and her boy crush in the police station waiting for her mom to pick her up. Since she wasn’t arrested or anything, she asks one of the cops if she could just walk around the station.

Being the adventurous sexy soul that she is, she ends up in the men’s restroom with her boy crush. She sucks his cock in the stall. I asked her if she liked it and she said,  “UH huh!”. She then fucked him standing up in the stall until they both orgasmed so hard!

What a naughty girl. Sometimes I think she would make a really good phone sex operator because she has a lot of sex stories.

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