Aphrodisiac Orgasm while smelling my room mates perfume

I took a shower this morning and while I was drying off I noticed a little bottle of oil on a shelf. It was my room mates. I got curious and looked to see what it was. Knew it was some kind of perfume. I was surprised by the name of the perfume: Aphrodisiac Orgasm.

I smelled it. It had a strong floral scent and something else that I couldn’t put my finger on. I didn’t think anything of it until I went back into my bedroom to get dressed. Then I started feeling really horny.

I remembered last night when I hugged her. She is a beautiful blond with big full tits. I would say she is voluptuous. When I hugged her last night I noticed that she smelled really good. I remember thinking that she smelled sexy.

As I was getting dressed my pussy started to distract me. I was in a hurry because I had errands to run. But, I couldn’t ignore my pussy any longer. Could this be the aphrodisiac orgasm perfume? I went into the bathroom and smelled it again.

I got even more horny after smelling it again. Since I wasn’t dressed all the way I lied back down on my bed and pushed my panties to the side. My clit was so swollen and hard. My nipples were so hard too. I rubbed my clit back and forth and jammed my fingers into my pussy.

Needed to orgasm so badly!

I imagined hugging my room mate and smelling her neck. I got so wet and turned on just thinking about it. Was it the aphrodisiac orgasm perfume? I didn’t care. I just needed to cum so bad. By this time I was almost at the brink of orgasm. I heard the front door open. It was her coming home.

I couldn’t stop myself from having a huge orgasm as she walked through the door. Just the thought of her big tits in my face pushed me over the edge.

I wonder if she was trying to seduce me last night. Should I ask her?

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