We Thought He Was Just Shy But There Was A Reason Why

Dana Likes funny sex storiesA couple of my work friends and I were discussing one of the guys that works in the office with us. He’s nice enough, but he’s painfully shy and a bit of a geek. Some of the guys have teased him a bit since he’s blushed a few times when they were talking about some pretty raunchy experiences. Some even wondered if he was still a virgin. I talked to my friends and we decided we were going to give the poor guy an evening to remember. We hadn’t thought it would be one of our funny sex stories.

But hey, things happen, and that’s what it was.He came over for some wine after work and it was just me and a few girls from the office. And we asked him if he was shy and would he like to have a good time. He started to look a bit funny when we asked him that. But one of my friends especially was quite aggressive and said she wanted to see his cock. He looked so shocked his jaw literally dropped and we were laughing at him. And begged to see it, he was as red as a beet. But finally agreed. So he pulled his pants down and oh my god, he had the tiniest pecker I’d ever seen!

We Couldn’t Stop Laughing

The girls were laughing, and one cupped her hand under it and said it was a cute little baby dick. She said she was going to make him cum. And she started to rub him as the other girls watched and cheered her on. Funny sex stories happen everywhere daily, but they are all different in their own way. His little dick was hard, but try as she might, she couldn’t get him to cum. He said he was nervous and that it might take a while. She said she enjoyed a challenge.

Each Of Us Took Turns Trying To Get That Baby Dick To Cum

We ended up taking turns rubbing him, each without own technique and he seemed to like mine the best. He said no girls had ever done anything like this to him before. So that’s why he was nervous and not able to cum. I was determined to get him to spill at least a few drops and after nearly a half hour. He got this look on his face. And I knew he was going to be able to cum if I kept working it. One of my friends thought if he saw her tits maybe that added visual stimulation might push him over the edge and it did help for sure.

This Was One Of My Funny Sex Stories

He was leaking pre cum all over my hand and I was smoothing it all over his little cock. As my friends all watched in anticipation. He was shy, but seemed to enjoy being the center of attention. Even though it was weird that we were all jerking him off like this. All of a sudden he groaned and around four little drops shot out. It was kind of sad that’s all he had to shoot, but he was thrilled someone had made him cum. I’d told some funny sex stories to friends before. But this one would be unique for sure when I’d relate it to others. We all had some more wine and he relaxed after having had his orgasm. Hopefully we helped him get over a bit of his shyness.
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