Fun sneaky sex at the massage parlor while my boyfriend waits

Every girl loves it when her significant other surprise her with something special. Whether it’s flowers and candy, or a romantic date night, it’s always nice to know he is thinking of his lovely lady and wants to do something special. My boyfriend decided he would surprise me with an eventful day out pampering me. He made plans for the entire day from sunrise to sunset and it was so sweet! I had no idea that fun sneaky sex was on the agenda.

The first thing that he did was wake me up to a delicious breakfast in bed. He had all of the favorite fruits, fresh-squeezed juice and I could tell he made everything with lots of love and put quite a bit of effort into making sure it was perfect. After breakfast and getting dressed, our first stop was at the nail salon.

He didn’t even bother doing anything for himself.

He waited patiently as I got my manicure and pedicure. Our next stop was the hair salon, where I got a cute cut and color done. It was simple but different and I loved it. After my nails and hair were done we went shopping of course. I had to pick a dress for our romantic dinner that night. I found the perfect black dress. It was a fitted dress that showed off my curves and just enough cleavage to make anyone drool.

I found the perfect high heel shoes to match and of course, cute accessories as well.

It was my assumption that we would head home and get changed for dinner after we were finished shopping, but little did I know he had one more surprise for me. I realized we were going somewhere else when we missed our turn to head home. He kept driving and had a grin on his face so I knew not to ask him why he passed the turn. I knew I would find out soon. After a short drive, we arrived at a massage parlor. That was when he kissed my cheek and told me to enjoy it. When we went inside I was escorted to my room and my boyfriend sat in the waiting area. Being that it was a full-body massage, I got undressed and lied down on the table. The masseur came in quietly as I was face down on the table waiting patiently.

It started off perfectly! The oils were warm and his hands were magical. It felt amazing. It had been a while since I had a good massage and I was just enjoying every second of it. He slowly worked his way up from my feet, over my legs, and up to my thighs. Then he repositioned himself and worked my lower back. After a while it felt so good I could feel myself drifting to sleep. That was until he woke me up.

He had spread my legs apart and started massaging my pussy lips.

I lifted my head and looked back in shock. He was smiling at me and put his finger to his lips telling me to keep quiet. Being the naughty girl that I am, I did just that. After all, who doesn’t like a little fun sneaky sex? He went from rubbing my pussy lips, to slowly sliding his finger inside me. I moaned as worked his finger over my g-spot. For a moment he ha stopped and just as I was about to look back and see what he was doing, I felt his tongue slide in my pussy.

He was laying on the table between my legs, using his hands to spread my ass run his tongue from my ass to my pussy. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I was still a bit shocked but I couldn’t help enjoy a little fun sneaky sex. He made me cum with only his mouth first, then he slid his cock inside me. Leaning over kissing my ear and neck as he fucked me.

I couldn’t help but melt into the table. It felt so fucking good!

We enjoyed each a bit longer than the massage time, but it wasn’t a problem. After I got dressed and got ready to head back out to my boyfriend, my new fuck buddy gave me his number and kissed me before we went our separate ways. That was fun sneaky sex that goes on the top of my list of most memorable moments!

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