What does she really mean when she says it’s a girls night out?

What does she really mean when she says it’s a girls night out? At some point or another, you have probably heard something about girls night out. It may have been from your wife or girlfriend, maybe even co-workers or your buddies just having general conversation. The question is, do you really know what girls night out is all about? I’m sure you assume it’s your significant other getting together with her girlfriends to have drinks and catch up on what’s new with each other. What if I told you it’s not what you think it is? Check out my girls night out the story and decide for yourself.

It was Wednesday when Alana called me and asked if I wanted to have a girls night out with her Saturday night. Of course, I said yes. I hadn’t seen her in forever and I knew I would be up for some fun by the weekend. So we talked and texted every day up until Saturday. The conversation was normal. We talked about what we had going on from a daily perspective. We also talked about how much fun we had the last time that we went out. As we laughed and strolled down memory lane, the thought crossed my mind if this time going out would be like our last girls night out.

The last time we went out was so much fun!

We started out at one club, having a few drinks and showing off on the dance floor. After we’d had enough at the club we went to the next one. At that club, we of course had a few more drinks, but we went beyond the dance floor this time. This time we decided to take things up a notch and show off in the dance cages and shadow boxes. It was so much fun and I think it’s safe to say we were the life of the party. Guys were throwing money at us and we weren’t even stripping. The girls were blowing kisses and flashing their tits at us. The best thing is, that was only the beginning of our night to remember.

Alana and I went to one more club before we called it a night. Of course, we had a blast there as well, but finally, we were ready to get back to my place and have a re-cap. So we headed to the car talking and laughing, feeling fantastic. On the way home, things got interesting. I was driving, and Alana was in the passenger seat. We were jamming out to the music when all of a  sudden I felt my strapless dress slide down to my stomach. It caught me by surprise.

Before I could even react, Alana had her lips wrapped around my nipple.

I looked down in complete shock and saw her reaching over then slid her hand between my legs. Still driving, I hadn’t said a word, It felt so fucking good and the surprise of it took me to the top! She felt the car slowing down and looked up smiling at me. She said don’t stop, take us home. As hard as it was to focus on driving I managed to make it as she sucked my nipples and fingered my pussy. It was an intense sensation that I had never felt before.

As soon as I put the car in park, she grabbed my face and started making out with me. I slid my hand between her legs and started fingering her pussy. She was so wet already just from playing with me and turned me on even more. I happened to notice the neighbor’s porch light come on and got Alana’s attention. She said screw them, let’s make tonight one remember. We laid our seats back and made out until both of our dresses had somehow come off and managed to pull off some sixty-nine action right there in the front seat.

Needless to say the neighbors had a hell of a show and Alana and I had a hell of a night, and an even better ride home.

So the next time your wife or girlfriend tells you she’s going to have a girls night out, think about this and it’ll give you a better idea of what she really means.

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