Who knew being a rebel was a turn-on?

Let me tell you of my first fun blasphemous action. This particular event takes place on a Sunday at church. I came dressed in a tightly fitted white see-through dress with holes in the bodice so my tits popped out and were thoroughly exposed. The length of it was so short my butt cheeks were showing as well as the ruffled top of my white thigh-high stockings. This was in my early college years and to rebel was sadistically satisfying to me. To top things off he wanted me in heavy whorish make-up with my lips painted in pouty bright red lipstick and my hair all teased in a nasty oversized bee-hive up-do with big hoop earrings. I was nervous but I’d already worked myself up to this fun blasphemous action

Everyone in the church turned their heads to stare as I walked in carrying my bible and blue cross. My partner followed a few feet behind me. We sat in a pew located in the middle of the church with a direct view of the altar. In the middle of the sermon, my perverted partner started with his acts of perversion. He fondled my tits as he slurred words of impiety, he pinched my nipples so hard I let out a cry.

As he pinched them again I tilted my head back let out a loud moan of pleasure.

The priest looked up to see my staring and moaning and the most righteous pleasure, after which, he could hardly concentrate on his sermon. The priest just stood there dumbfounded staring as he watched my partner spread my thighs and finger-fuck my cunt. It seemed as I was caught up in my partners’ lustful desires of defiling everything holy and sacred because I was growing increasingly horny as hell at the mere fact I was getting finger fucked in the church in front of the congregation and priest.

I had gone in and out of why I wanted to do this but in that moment I remember why I wanted to embark on this fun blasphemous action. My legs spread even wider, I closed my eyes while my partner used a blue cross to pump my pussy. I could feel my pussy throbbing as he pumped so intensely. My eyes darted open as I grabbed his arm, bucked my hips, and fucked the dildo hard until creaming and moaning and spewing every bad word that came to mind in pleasurable delight.

I noticed the priest rubbing his crotch behind the pulpit in lew of all of this fun blasphemous action.

His carnal hard-on looked as if it pitched a tent underneath his robe. He tried his best to cover it up but nothing worked. Now the whole congregation watched the priest’s face was beet red from embarrassment and my partner was in his glory. My partner called the priest out, then demanded him to lift his frocks and expose himself to his penitence for all pedophile priests. The priest does exactly as told and jacks his cock off and spews his seed, desecrating on the holy bible.

My partner became full of lustful sin and his cock was hard as a rock. He was enjoying fun blasphemous action and was ready to keep going and kick it into high gear. He grabbed my hand leading me to the altar. I swiped my arm across the altar clearing space for our ultimate heinous crime. We grabbed the nun and pulled her onto the altar. I ripped the robe and habit off of God’s consort stripping her naked. We then caressed, fingered, and fondled her body before he finally unleashed his lustful sins. He ran his leaking hard cock between her inner thighs first before stuffing his cock into her righteous face. As he fucked her face I used the communion candle to sodomize her ass.

We both fell into a trance speaking in tongues conjuring the sexually suppressed spirits there in that church. My partner’s cock morphed into its hardest stance ever. He continued pumping her viciously while others there joined our fun blasphemous action and others left. The climactic ending was like the howl of hungry wolves of the night.

Giantess Auntie Fun

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