“I have always been a slut for public sex. The thought of having to be quiet in a crammed bar bathroom, or non-chalant in a pool gets me so hot and bothered. Honestly, with Christmas coming up soon, I can’t stop thinking about one specific fantasy. Getting fucked while shopping for Christmas. Or at least pretending.

Shopping For Toys But Not My Naughty Toys

I just imagine pulling my boyfriend’s hand around the store, looking at all the little knick-knacks lying about. To have him slide his hand out of mine and find places on my body to touch every time I move in front of him or bend over to look at an item makes me slippery for him. He makes me almost beg to be fucked while shopping. He knows how wet I get as I look around to see who notices his hands sliding on my ass. It never stops at my ass either. He will slide those long fingers of his right down to that little pussy while pushing himself against me, hiding his hands.

The Teasing That Drives Me Wild I just need Fucked While Shopping!

I can feel his cock against my back, as his strong, tall body pushes against me. He teases me, and my paranoia paired with my slutiness rises. In fact, sometimes when I finger myself I think about a perverted shop worker getting a sensational showing. I often wear dresses and skirts in public with him. Maybe this was me subliminally wanting to be fucked while shopping. My outfits give the perfect opportunity to slide himself inside me while I pretend to focus on the tasks at hand. Sometimes he even slides his entire cock inside me.

A twitching, bulging cock buried inside my pussy under a skirt in a random cooking section is enough to get me close to climax all by itself. Not to mention, having to move so subtly as I wiggle my ass flush against him. We have to do little bits of fucking at a time, moving around trying to be stealthy. Even though I want to scream out and throw my pussy on him hard, I contain myself.

Fucked While Shopping For New Skanky Outfits

Finally, when I can’t take anymore, we end our trip with the clothes shopping. I grab random outfits. Some of the outfits I am not even interested in, and I just head to the fitting room. This isn’t about the outfits, although, trying on a tight corset with a miniskirt doesn’t hurt. I yell out, inconspicuously that I need assistance with my bra. He steps in and then it’s over. As soon as the fitting room door shuts, I finally get the chance to jump on him like a sex-craved whore. I throw him down so he is sitting on the bench, and straddle him. My pussy aches by now, and I slide him into me harder than the teasing way it has slid in thus far.

I ride him as he covers my mouth. My body aches as I watch his eyes get big and he tells me I need to let him pull out because he is close. I can feel his other hand trying to pull me up off of him. No. I have been waiting for hours, this pussy teased and tortured. Honestly, I DESERVE to be fucked while shopping! I slam myself balls deep, and whisper through his hand to knock me up. It’s too late for him to contest, and I am like a wild animal. Primal, and craving of his seed.

Bust In Me!!

The victory I receive when I watch him struggle to get me off, only to release that hot load deep inside me. Then when I stand, adjusting my corset, I get to feel both of our cum try to escape my tight little cunt into these nice panties. I win the game – my favorite game. And it looks like he put that baby deep inside me as I can finally relax from the hours of teasing. he came hard… Maybe I should buy this corseted outfit & Dirty Panties after all. I might even be convinced into Selling My Dirty Panties

If you share similar fantasies, give me a call for some fetish phone sex!”