My Single Seductive Girlfriend Was Finally Single!

I had been waiting for this single seductive girlfriend to look my way forever. Until now, I had not even dared that she would look my way, but she did. Okay, so for those who didn’t realize yes, I am a girl. However, this was never a deterrent or deal-breaker for me.

There are rules that say you should never fuck your best friends. You hear all these bad things that happen as a result of messing around. You get the picture. It didn’t stop me from wanting to fuck the heck out of her.

Natasha had so many qualities that just drew me to her. I came so close to kissing her many times, but then something stopped us from going forward. Was it her rather big tits, her long golden hair, or her sensual lips that I just wanted to linger on all night? Natasha was as beautiful as she was adventurous. I really don’t think the last guy could handle her. I sure wanted the honor of trying to get her to let go.

She was a single seductive girlfriend who was ready for something new!

So, do you know what I think it was? She got tired of him and wanted something new and different. The only thing was, she just didn’t realize it yet, but soon I would make my intentions known.

Under normal circumstances, I would have just gone for it. In my mind, I pictured all of the kinky sex games we could play, but that would have to wait. First, I have to get her to go for a fun night with me.

Well, soon my chance finally arrived and I was there to not only comfort her but also get everything I wanted. This probably sounded like I was totally obsessed with her. In a way, I guess you may be right.

The moment came when I invited Natasha over to my house!

I couldn’t wait for her to come over. She had always been with her man, so there were no more girls’ nights out with her.

Natasha did not disappoint. She came over wearing the sexiest dress I had ever seen. Her red dress hugged her body making me appreciate her beauty even more. Her legs were smooth, and she wore a sexy pair of black pumps. That girl sure knew how to turn heads.

Once inside, we embraced for a long time. She was now available to the world. There were stars in her eyes as I leaned in close and kissed her softly.

Her lips were so heavenly!

Natasha’s lips were so silky smooth and tasted so sweet. I could have gone on kissing them all night.

Trust me, I tried to do the right thing. I made a nice dinner for her. We sipped on wine and kissed tenderly. I could see the lust in her eyes that she wanted more but was a bit shy.

All the waiting for her was so worth it. I took her in my arms and kissed her more passionately than I had before. My hands rubbed up and down her spine. Her body shook in my arms.

Next, we ventured to my room where we slowly undressed. Her body was so amazing.  This hot single seductive girlfriend of mine was making me melt.

My thirst was quenched by her sweet nectar!

Natasha laid on my soft sheets while I kissed all over her smooth skin. When I finally ended up between her legs, she was shaking in anticipation. My tongue licked up and down her soft-shaven pussy. I could taste her juices ebbing out so shiny and sticky like honey.

I couldn’t take the heat anymore. My tongue went for her clit and started making love to that sweet pussy. Natasha grabbed the sheets and screamed out begging for so much more.

I just had to taste that honey!

My face and mouth were rewarded as she cried out my name and let go. We lay together touching and kissing.

Well, I would have been happy if that was all we did that night. Then she surprised me by kissing me then it was her turn to explore. Natasha definitely blew my mind that night.  There were many more things we did together that left us to spend until the next day.


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