I fucked him to get my video deleted!

I was surfing the web trying to find some fun porn to watch tonight. I was feeling really horny and wanted to see some girl on girl action. I came across a video that looked very familiar. I couldn’t figure out why it seemed like something I had seen many times before. I clicked on the link and waited for it to download. As I waited for it to finish buffering, I realized I was looking at my fucking bedroom!

How in fucking hell did a clip of my bedroom get up on the Internet. This porn site was one I’d never heard of. It finished downloading and started to play. I could hear my voice moaning and talking; guiding a person on how to touch me. The video focused in on a girlfriend and myself fucking each other.

This was a girlfriend that had never been with a female before. She was curious and wanted me to show her more about how it all worked. As I watched this video I quickly grabbed my phone and called the company. The man that answered the phone seemed very entertained by how upset I was. I told me the only way to get the video down is to come into his office. I got his address and quickly headed into the office.

I walked in and sat down at the desk. He was sitting there looking very amused. I was very flustered and just needed him to take the video down. He explained exactly what I needed to do. It involved sucking his cock, striping for him, and then letting him fuck my ass. Although I didn’t want him to take advantage of me like that, I did as I was told. I pleased that motherfucker, got that damn video removed and left quickly.

As I was driving home with a sore ass, and throat I realized he probably videotaped that whole fucking thing. As annoyed as I felt in the moment, I didn’t give a shit. The video I needed gone was gone, now I just had to worry about what he may do with his new video! What do you think he should do with it? He’ll probably jack off watching it for months to come 😉

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