My laptop wasn’t working right and I tried to fix it myself but I had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t want to make things worse so I ended up taking it in to get fixed but forgot about all of the porn I had on it. Guess who found it and took advantage of it?

I went to pick up my laptop and the technician, Chris,  looked at me with a knowing smile, making me wonder what he was up to. He told me that my computer was fixed and that he had managed to save most of my porn collection. I knew that he had watched all of it and my fantasies were running through his head. He said that he was surprised at what I was into, I seemed too lady like to enjoy the raunchier stuff. He got closer to me as he talked and stopped behind me. His breath tickled my neck as he ran his hand up my arm and he asked me if I had anyone to help satisfy me  when I was alone with my videos. I told him that I love having company and it sounded like he enjoyed the porn just as much as I did. I asked him which one was his favorite.  

He reached around and began undoing my blouse as he said that his favorite was the one with the secretary who just wanted to keep her job and would do anything to make the boss happy. The buttons popped open one by one and my blouse fell open. He squeezed my breast through the bra and the fabric rubbed my nipple in a way that made me start to ache. He held my neck and pushed me forward, bending me over the desk. I was liking where this was going and parted my legs for him. His hands went down to my skirt and he shoved it up to my hips before tugging down my panties. He kept holding the back of my neck with one hand as he pushed his dick into me and my pussy stretched around him as he went in deep. He began fucking me and I felt so helpless with him holding me down and taking me from behind that my pussy practically gushed around him. His dick pushed past my walls and I felt a little shiver as he went near my clit. I moved under him, getting into a hot, steady rhythm. The edges of the desk dug into my thighs and I rubbed my body raw on the wooden desk.

He brushed over my clit again and again, getting so close to giving me what I wanted but not quite. I gripped the sides of the desk, arched my hips and rocked my ass back on him, forcing him to work my clit. This angle was much better, my clit was getting hard jabs to it and he was going in deeper. Strands of hair fell i my face as I panted and begged him not to stop. He didn’t and soon my legs felt weak as I came.

The desk helped keep me upright and I stated where I was as Chris kept going. My pussy was tight and aching bad as I got closer to cumming again when he swore at me and started cumming.

He let go of me and I pushed myself upright. I fixed my clothes so I looked presentable again and picked up my laptop.

Next time I’m going to upload some really kinky stuff and see what he’ll do to me then.

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