Fuck or Die!

There’s a little bit of psychopath in all of us. I mean fuck mine comes out once a month (a week before my period starts). I can always tell when my alter ego is about to show her face. I usually wake up with my panties wet from dreaming about hot, rough sex all night. My nipples become pointy and hard and before I know it I’m prowling the streets at night, looking for innocent men to rape and terrorize.

I choose my victims randomly. Guys closing up the office for the night. Hunks leaving the gym. Drunk bastards staggering on the sidewalk after a few too many drinks at happy hour. I really don’t give a fuck. I want what I want and I go to extreme measures to get it.

My most recent victim was jogging in the park. Seeing his cock jiggle around in those fucking jogging shorts made my pussy yearn to have it inside of me. As he passed me I simply place my foot in his path, tripping him and making him fall. When he came to he tried to get up but it was too late…I had already tied tied his hands and legs together.

He pleaded with me to let him go. “But I’m married!’, “I have children!”, “I love my life!” BLAH, BLAH, FUCKING BLAH! I didn’t give a fuck about any of that. Right there in the bushes, under the late night moon I stood over him and told him to FUCK ME OR DIE! He looked confused at first, like he didn’t quite hear what I had said. Then when I ripped his shorts of and started jerking his cock off really hard he got the message.

He started pleading with me to stop. “But I want to be faithful to my wife! I love her so much. And she would never want me to do anything like this.” I laughed as I continued to jerk his cock and I said, “I don’t give a fuck about you or your wife. Now if you want to live to see your perfect bitch of a wife again, you will let me get your cock rock hard and fuck my brains out right here and right now!”

After those words I got on top of him and put his semi-hard cock into my waiting juicy pussy hole. I worked my pussy down on to his cock until I felt him giving in to the constant sway of my hips. I felt his cock getting hard and harder as I bounced harder and harder on it. It felt so good and he loved it too. He didn’t want to but, my pussy was the perfect fit for cock. As I was about to cum I put my gun to his and told him that he’d better cum with me if he wanted to live.

With the gun to his head, I fucked him so hard that his eyes rolled into the back of his head. We both came at the same time. I laughed as I untied him and thanked him for being a “good sport”. “Now run along to your good little wife. And tell her I said hello” LOL!!!!

I’ll FUCK YOU TOO! I don’t care if you have a wife! I’ll take that dick and make it do EXACTLY WHAT I WANT IT TO DO! Don’t believe me? Try me?

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