Fuck my mom, just like my step sister did, while I watched

It was so erotic that is one reason why I decided to become a phone sex operator. To share the college girls in my dorm’s incest stories.  I have not just of my own experiences but of the other college girls and we lived in a coed dorm. LOL, they are all so kinky. After all, my step sister did fuck my mom, while I watched. I can remember in such exquisite detail every detail of that sexual experience. I wound up immediately going to my step dad and riding his cock til his office chair was soaked in my cum. So I completely understand the desire for a parent. I love incest phone sex.

I am not inhibited and have an excellent memory. I have stories from my special friends. LOL, like the time a few of my friends each brought a cousin to a sleepover at the dorm. We brought all the pillows down from our room and stole all the cushions from everywhere in the study room. LOL, Man, that was a mistake lol. By morning EVERY Single fabric on the floor was icky lol. But it was so worth it. That was my first orgy type party.

Anyway, the reason I love working at Phone sex kingdom is they are the kinkiest phone sex site.

I mean anything you fantasize about, ONE of us ladies is into. It is so cool to be able to talk about every fetish fantasy or desire you are into. Personally, I love to tell my secrets to strangers, like the time I saw my mom cuckold my dad with who became my step dad. But then I was a precocious child.

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