Daddy raped

I love working at PhoneSexKingdom. I get to reminisce about all the sexual encounters I’ve had in my life so many first time sex story. Call me so I can tell you about how my Step-Daddy raped me. He felt so good it started an affair. I was very young when my Daddy and Momma divorced. A couple of years later Momma married my second daddy. I loved sitting on his lap. He would constantly caress my body. I loved the attention. Then my feminine curves formed and the way it felt when he touched me changed. Occasionally I could feel a lump form under my booty. After the first time I had sex I realized WHAT it was that I was feeling.

I will admit I loved that I, my body, turned him on. After I was in my early teens I would still climb up on my Daddy.

I was deliberately turning him on.

When I was 14 I pushed him too far. My Mom was gone out for a ladies night. Daddy had been drinking and I was bored. I was wearing my usual giant T-shirt and nothing else having gotten ready for bed.

Even though Daddy was watching some movie I jumped up on his lap. I squeezed his neck pushing my breasts against his face.  Wiggling my ass against his cock, I felt his cock grow. Almost instantly he wrapped his arms around me. I told him “Daddy I found the perfect job, I’m going to be a part-time kinky phone sex operator” Daddy was angry. He lifted me up carrying to my bedroom. He threw me on my bed. I looked up at him with my knees bent and spread wide. My tender bald pussy out on display. He had opened his mouth to yell but a look came over his face I will never forget.

Without one word Daddy raped me.  There were no preparations or turning me on. He just kind of leaped on top of me between my legs.  pushed his pants down and buried his huge cock in my tiny tight pussy. No matter how I begged he just kept thrusting his cock deeper and deeper. I screamed when he shoved his cock head into my cervix… but god the pleasure in the pain. I became instantly addicted to that powerful aggressive thrusting ripping my pussy open. A strong man of authority taking what was his…

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