Fuck My Mom While I Watch and Maybe Even Join In

When I told my boyfriend that I wanted him to fuck my mom he was a little taken back. Okay, a lot took back. But when I explained a little more he seemed to relax. See, my mom and I have been really close all of my life. My dad left when I was 10 and that just brought us even closer. I may not live with her anymore now that I’m older but I only moved a block away. We visit each other every day. Family sex stories have always been hot to me so I wanted to be able to make this one of my own.

My mom and I talk about everything. We don’t really have a filter with each other and sex has become a big topic lately. She hasn’t been fucked in years. I’ve been telling her how much she needs to just get laid but she won’t do it. She says that her toys work just fine for her. I know the difference. I play with my toys but there’s nothing like a good fucking from a big cock. So I recruited my boyfriend.

I knew she’d love his big cock as much as I do. We had it all planned out. I had him go over to my mom’s house saying he was looking for me and that I told him I would be there. He then started flirting with her telling her how beautiful she was. (She was really a MILF! My mom is just an older version of me and honestly doesn’t even look her age.) At first, she started to brush him off but he was relentless. At that point, he really just wanted to fuck my mom. I had worked him up to it like crazy!

I told my boyfriend I wanted him to fuck my mom!

Eventually, she loosened up. He was rubbing her shoulders and started sliding his hands down into her tank top to feel her big MILF breasts. As his cock grew harder he started pushing it against her back as he continued his massage down her chest. Finally, he undid his pants, pulled out his cock and walked in front of her. She gasped as she saw the size of his cock and honestly wasn’t expecting it to just be hanging out in front of her face.

He encouraged her to take it in her hand. Gently she started to stroke it then stuck out her tongue for a little taste. She jumped as I walked through the door catching her with my boyfriend’s cock in her mouth. I looked back and forth between them and finally allowed a huge grin to spread across my face. I looked at my boyfriend and said, “So, I told you to fuck my mom but it looks like you’re getting a blowjob instead.”

My mom looked extremely surprised. At first, she tried to stop but I took her hand and wrapped it around my boyfriend’s cock again. “No mom, it’s okay. I want this just as much as I know you do.” I looked at my boyfriend and said, “Now, don’t cum while she sucks you. I want you to fuck my mom and give her the cock she needs.” My mom started to object, pulling back yet again.

Although she started protesting again as she let go of his cock, I knew it was just a matter of time before my boyfriend would fuck my mom.

I had a way of convincing him, and her, of doing things. See, I always get my way and this time wasn’t going to be any different. I was just trying to decide if I should push it even farther. Not only letting my boyfriend fuck my mom but maybe I should join in as well!

What do you think? Stay tuned for the conclusion! But in the meantime give me a call and we’ll have some of the hottest taboo phone sex you could ever imagine!