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Wouldn’t it be a glorious opportunity to fuck my mom and get some of that perfect juicy pink pussy?  Aunt phone sex stories, cousin sex stories, but mommy is probably at the top of the fantasies that guys come back and visit the most.  I’ve heard this so many times from my friends and friends of my brothers and sisters.  When any of my brothers and sisters heard this phrase, they would coyly shy away and steer the subject to another more tasteful conversation piece.

Trust me, my mind has ventured there.  How naughty that would be to put my mommy on display.  Overall, I know that my mother mostly loves my daddy.  Do I think my mother married my daddy for his money?  Absolutely!  She wasn’t poor herself, but she has always been a smart savvy woman who was looking at the overall financial picture and the future of her family.

What if life were different?  I play out this fantasy in my mind.  It dives me crazy when I think about such a prim and proper influential woman being put on display for anyone to have their way with her.  Come on, everyone at one time had a naughty thought of what it would be like to crawl under the sheets with mommy and get some extra comfort.  Someone once said there is nothing like the love that you get from your own mommy.  I think there was a lot of truth in that adage.  After all, there is something extremely sexy about being with a much older sophisticated woman.

In my fantasy, my mommy got tired of her husband not being able to satisfy all of her cravings. 

Let’s face it, he didn’t last long in the bedroom, he was gone so much time on business or other matters.  I know she would lay in bed and masturbate to try to satiate some of those urges.  She bought sex toys, and had a vast collection, but toys would only go so far.  My siblings and I decided to do something about it.  We approached some nice guys who worked at this for a while.

One day when we knew our father was on business we brought three guys home.  They were close friends of ours.  My mom asked who they were.  We explained to her they were our friends and we wanted to help her.  For a moment she looked confused.  We explained we know she has been frustrated without daddy being around and not giving her what she needs.  Mommy opened and closed her mouth to protest but as she was looking at those powerful strapping lads, she became interested.

I didn’t see what happened that afternoon but moans could be heard from the bedroom all afternoon as each guy took their turn with her.  In my mind, I pictured each one undressing her slowly taking off her silky lingerie.  I pictured them kissing their way down her body, biting her nipples to make them stiff.  The thought of them licking my mommy’s pussy gets me excited when I think about how she screamed out for them not to stop licking her pussy.  As the afternoon wore on, her screams and exclamations of passion became more raw and pronounced.

My mommy lost her inhibitions and abandoned all cares of fidelity. 

I was granting their fantasies to fuck my mom.  All they seemed to talk about when we got together was how beautiful my mom was and how they would like to drive their hard cocks into some of that.  My mom’s screams brought me out of my thoughts as she screamed that she was cumming!!!!!!  Don’t stop, don’t stop!  My mother had never been that expressive with my father.  Probably since he didn’t last long enough.

I could relax knowing I had strapping young guys to fuck my mom and take care of her needs when my father would leave on business.  I wonder in actuality if my mom was doing just that?  She never seemed to complain about his leaving like she used to.  I guess that is a different story for a different day.


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