Fuck My Mom: Mommy’s Naughty Little Girl!

Lately, I’ve had crazy dreams about how I fuck my mom. I always wake up from my dreams with my pussy dripping wet. I can’t believe I get so turned on dreaming about how I would fuck my mom. I’ve never thought about trying to fuck my mom before. But every night these past few days I’ve been having these erotic dreams about my mom. Last night in my dream my mom and I went out to this bar with all of her friends.

We were all having a good time laughing taking back our drinks.

In my dream, it didn’t feel like the beautiful old lady I was with was my mom. She seemed like a stranger to me like I was hanging out with a fun group of older ladies. While we were sitting at the table I felt someone’s hand start rubbing my inner thigh. I looked around the table all the ladies had their hands above table except for my mom. As soon as I looked over at her she grinned at me hard and slid her fingers in between my legs.

She started moving her fingers and massaging my pussy lips through the leggings I had on. I tried to pull her hand away but she grabs my hand and squeezes it. Then my mom says to her friends that she’s not feeling well so it was time for us to go.

My dream felt just like an incest sex story.

When the cab finally came and we got inside my mom slid close to me and pinned my legs opened with her leg. Moving closer to me she whispered in my ear, “You’ve been a very bad girl and mommy’s going to teach you a lesson.” While she was whispering in my hand she put her hand in my pants and started fingering my pussy. Once I feel her fingers slide inside of me I wake up with my panties soaking wet.

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