Fuck My Mom: All My Friends Did!!

When I was a teen I used to have a lot of guy friends. Some would say I was a slut. It seemed like every time I brought a guy over he’d fuck my mom right after he fucked me. It’s like she loved my sloppy seconds. When I say sloppy I mean sloppy.

I would take a shower to clean all the cum out of teen pussy and I’d hear my moms moans. To be honest, the reason why I never put a stop to it is, It turned me on! “Fuck my mom” that’s what I’d moan while I played with my pussy in the shower.

I’d think about mine and my mothers pussy juices mixing together. The thought of that alone would make me want to taste my mom. As soon as I got out of the shower I’d stand by her door and listen to him cum again, but this time in her pussy.

I’d wait for the guy I had JUST fucked to come out of her room. Already on my knees and mouth wide open, I would immediately suck all of our cum off his cock. My dad really wasn’t around that much and I’d constantly hear her having milf phone sex so who was I to take her fantasy away from her?

One day I had an adult chat with my mom and I explained to her that I knew all about her fucking my guy friends/boyfriends. She started to apologize and said she just couldn’t control herself. “With your dad being gone all the time I get so lonely and need to feel wanted. I need to feel a cock in my pussy Ryan”

A few days later, I decided to invite the whole football team over! She deserved it. Read that hot blog later!

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