I was deep in a game of Truth Or Dare with Kevin and his parents. Gotta admit I was having fun until things took a kinky turn.

“Fuck my mom Jordan,” Kevin said as he took a shot of whiskey. My eye’s bulged in shock, I couldn’t believe he would dare me to do such a thing let alone say it out loud with his parents right there!

“You’re fucking kidding me, Kevin! Fuck my mom? That’s my dare? You fuck your mom!” I said with a nervous chuckle.

” I have. Fuck my mom babe, you’ll love it! We have sex all the time actually,” Kevin admitted without shame.

Truly I was stunned. Kevin leaned over and started to kiss his mother. His hands went under her dress and disappeared between her thighs. Looking to his father to see his reaction, I found his sitting back rubbing the front of his jeans. An obvious boner outlined them.

What the fuck was going on right now? Small moans escaped Kevin’s mother’s mouth.  His father pulled his cock out of his pants and started to jerk off. There was something thrilling about it all, I do incest phone sex fairly often and even though I’m not a MILF I do mommy phone sex time to time. I guess the reality is a whole lot different than just doing phone sex.

Kevin’s mom reached out and grabbed my wrist. She pulled me down onto her and kissed me along with Kevin. My hand was guided to down to her wet pussy. I felt Kevin fingering her so I rubbed her clit. His father never moved, just stayed in his place masturbating and watching.

Kevin’s belt buckle sounded off as he started to loosen it.  Holy shit! He is really gonna fuck his mom in front of me!

“Help me out here babe, get down here and lick her pussy while I fuck my mom,” Kevin said. Before I did that I grabbed the bottle of whiskey and slammed two shots down. Drinking isn’t my thing so the hot golden liquid gave me a funny head tingle.

I licked her pussy while he fucked her. Kevin clearly loved to fuck his mom, his cock was raging hard and his balls were super tight. You could hear how wet her cunt was from the sound of his wet balls slapping against her. My head was pressed harder into her clit while he drove harder and deeper in.

I’ve never in my entire life seen anyone squirt as much pussy juice as she did. Within seconds, Kevin pumped his mom’s pussy full of his thick white seed. His mom pulled me off her pussy just as Kevin pulled his still-hard cock out. That’s when his father finally moved.

He was fast between his wife’s legs sucking and slurping Kevin’s cum out of her freshly fucked pussy.  I watched his father cum all over the floor from just eating his son’s cum out of his wife. Intense to say the very least!

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