Incest is so fucking taboo I can’t seem to get enough of it! The thought of my brother jerking off to a picture of me was hotter than I ever expected.

Incest would never be something anyone would think of when they looked at how bad my brother and I would fight. He and I just seemed to never click until we got a bit older. He was this badass who always had the hottest girlfriends, while I was kinda shy and even a tad nerdy.

Don’t get me wrong I still had my smoke-show body and great personality, but I was shy once upon a time.

One night my older brother Mike and I had a huge argument about him dating a good friend of mine. That would mean he would be hanging around my friends and I. Which in my eyes meant I had to behave.

Mike went to his room in utter frustration that I was being such a brat. After a while my mother told me to go patch things up with him, she hated when we would fight.

Mom left the house to go have wine with her friends. Dad was away for work as usual. I paced around my room frustrated, I decided to go have it out with Mike.

I walked to his door and poked my nose into his room quietly so I could gauge his mood. When I looked in I saw his cock in his hand. At first, I was totally embarrassed that I had spied on him having a private moment.

Totally panicked and ran back to my room.

I paced around a while and kept thinking about my brother and his very nice cock. I stripped out of my clothing and started to examine my body. Was I hot enough for him? What the fuck was I doing? Incest is fucked up I can’t think of him like that!

Throwing open my laptop I pulled up a picture of him and decided to try out masturbating to him. Pussy went from moist to drenched in a matter of seconds. I was close to cumming when I heard footsteps coming toward my bed. Mike was naked and still sporting a hefty erection. He grabbed my wrists and flung me over my desk chair.

His lips seared the back of my neck as he shoved his hard thick dick into my tight virgin pussy. It hurt but I was so wet and horny I didn’t care. His cock pumped harder and harder until he filled my pussy with his thick cum. I guess he knew I caught him and decided to talk to me about it, only he saw me masturbating while looking at his picture.

Who knew incest was so fucking hot?

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