Fuck my mom or my parents might split; what would you do?

Fuck my mom?  I really can’t say no.  My dad’s been having this desire to add a second woman into the bedroom, but mom didn’t want some stranger in the house or in their marital bed with her husband.  Likewise, daddy wanted someone just like mom.  Mom’s got a huge rack.  Her tits are bigger than her head!  And daddy only knows one hottie with tits as big as hers; me.   The itch had to be scratched or it could put a strain on the relationship.  Being the loving teenage daughter that I am, I had no choice.

But…I’ve never done it before…

I shocked my parents by admitting that I hadn’t done it with anyone yet.  Honestly, with how big my tits were, they had expected me to have ripped up my V-card long ago.  I saw daddy’s cock grow in his pants when I explained it.  Did he really want to slide his mature cock into his own daughter’s pussy that badly?  The answer was yes, but he wasn’t the only pervert in the room.  Mom’s clit was practically poking through her panties as she licked her lips and told me to lay on the bed.


I couldn’t believe I was engaging in lesbian sex!  Moreover, mom had a lot of pent-up, sexual frustration.  When she started to hump her pussy against mine, she was forceful and fast-paced about it.  Our pussies smacked together in loud, wet collisions as mom road I and daddy stroked his cock.  He made me suck it while she did it.  My first time involved me sucking my own father’s cock.  I shouldn’t have liked it as much as I did!  But the main event was coming.  I knew what daddy wanted and mom even held my legs open while he got into position.  He was ready to deflower his little girl.

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