I use to date a real Momma’s Boy! I mean this guy couldn’t or wouldn’t do anything without his mom. The only reason that I knew him was because his mom introduced us one day. I used to work with her at this deli and she said she had the perfect guy for me. She didn’t tell me it was her son until after we met ;-/

We went on a couple of dates and I thought it was odd that he kept texting his mom while we were out. He was telling her moment by moment how the dates were going. I tried to make light of it by laughing and saying, “What are you going to do, let her know before the first time we fuck too?” He didn’t laugh.

The night finally came when I was ready to fuck this guy despite the fact that he kept his head up his moms ass. He was cute and I could tell that he had a nice size cock from the in print of his khakis. He insisted that we go back to his place for sex. We had been drinking and we were all over each other. We crept into the house. It was quiet, dark and kind of creepy. Pictures of him and his fucking mom everywhere LOL.

His room looked like it belonged to a 9th grader but when he dropped his pants it was clear that he was not a little boy! Before I knew it I was on my knees sucking his shlong! A few moments later his mom knocked on the door. She said she heard some noises and that she was just checking on him.  WTF!!!!! He goes, “Everything is fine mom. Come in!” COME IN???? AND YEP… SHE CAME RIGHT ON IN!

He told her that we were just about to fuck. She said that was good and that she would love to watch. I was fucking blasted from all the drinking so I started laughing. Their faces were blank. They were serious. He told me to show his mom how I sucked his cock. I tried to give my best blow job, but she laughed and told me to step aside.

“THIS is how my son likes his dick sucked.” The bitch got on her knees and sucked the fuck out of her sons throbbing rod. Her tongue licked and lapped every inch of him and he loved every minute. Just before he blew his load she stopped, looked at me and said,  “This is how my son likes to eat pussy.” She then forced her sons head between her legs and made him eat her loose sloppy pussy. The sounds of his slurping filled the room. She rubbed the top of his head and said he was a good boy. I just sat there with my mouth open.

“Do you want something to fill that mouth baby girl.” His mother, the Vixen, instructed me to suck her sons cock while he ate her pussy. She came in his mouth just as I was about to make him bust his nut all over my face. Smiling and with her legs wide open, pussy dripping wet, she said “Now for the finale. Watch and learn young blood. This is how my son likes for a wet pussy to slide over his smooth cock and fuck him until his load erupts deep inside of you.” Right there in front of me, his mom, Mrs. Fletcher, mounted her son and fucked him mercilessly. Her fat, saturated pussy engulfed his hard young cock. He fucked her hard in her pussy and then slipped his cock in her ass and made her beg him to cum inside of her.

I was so turned on and fully aroused. My toes were curling as I watched him pound his mom into a frenzy. They were both sweating, panting and kissing each other. When he pulled his cock out of her ass she told him to blow his load in my mouth. I opened wide and took his hot sperm down my throat. After the globs of semen laced my lips I kissed Mama Fletcher in the mouth. Swapping her sons cum tasted so good. That night was awesome. I now understand why his mom had to be involved from the beginning. Only she knows exactly how her son likes to get freaky so, I definitely learned from the best 🙂